2013 Study Conference: Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon - Three Lectures on Christian-Muslim Relations

Dr. Grafton will be a featured presenter at the 2013 Study Conference of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Saskatoon.


1.       Apples to Apples or Apples to Dates? The Muslim critique of Christian Scriptures

Muslims have traditionally viewed Jewish and Christian Scriptures as being somehow “corrupted.”  Yet, there has often the attempt in dialogue to compare the Qur’ān with the Bible.  This presentation proposes that such comparisons need re-thinking based upon our different understandings of “Scripture.”

2.      Conquest and Violence: The Christian critique of Muḥammad

Western Christian critiques of Muḥammad have often focused upon his role as a violent warrior in comparison to the pacifism of Jesus.  This presentation will investigate this critique and suggest more appropriate comparisons within Christian Scriptures.

 3.      Location, Location, Location: Christian-Muslim Relations in Context

The interest in Christian-Muslim Dialogue and relationships is often pursued “from above;” that is, with theological or scriptural issues in mind.  This presentation will demonstrate that local environments have more of an impact on positive (and negative) relations than theological or scriptural discourse.