Adult Learning at LTSP

Adult Learning at LTSP

LTSP is pleased to offer Adult Learning opportunities to lay people and active church members who have a desire to develop ways they might connect their faith with their daily life and relationships. These classes offer practical skills in such topics as teaching, stewardship, evangelism, discipleship, service, vocational discernment, and administration. The continuing goal of LTSP is to make these classes flexible, relevant, and affordable.

These are non-credit classes. For pastors or church workers who desire, one (1) CEU will be awarded for every ten (10) credit hours of class.

Check out our Adult Learning Spring 2014 offerings:

Seminars on Educational Ministry in Congregations

Seven one day seminars offered on select Fridays from 9 am - 4 pm, this series began in January. See the Spring Seminars page for details on the seminar offerings and for registration.

CONGREGATIONS: Where Old and New 
Communications Strategies Merge: 
Social and "Old" Media for the 21st Century

A five part series starting March 8 - LIVE Saturdays from 10 am to 12 noon and ONLINE with a flexible schedule - attend on campus or online, or both! See the course page for details on the the course and for registration

For information, contact Kathleen A. Afflerbach, Coordinator, 215.248.6324 or

Urban Theological Institute Certificate Programs

LTSP's Urban Theological Institute offers theological education to church leaders that is relevant and up-building for the African American community. Two certificate programs, the Certificate Program in Church Leadership and the Certificate Program in Christian Ministry,are offered, with courses each spring and fall.

Learn more about the UTI certificate programs here.