Advanced LTSP PhD students

Below are links for information on, and CVs of, our current Advanced PhD students.

The students are listed alphabetically with Major and Minor Areas.

Major: Minor:  
Bik, Thomas
Scriptural Theology
Historical Theology
Guider, Shirley
Theology for Ministry
Scriptural Theology
Hepler, NoahHistorical TheologyScriptural Theology
Howell, Rebecca Historical Theology Scriptural Theology  
Leitzke, Timothy
Theology for Ministry Scriptural Theology
Moenga, Cosmos 
Contemporary Theology Scriptural Theology  
McMullan, Christian
Historical Theology
Contemporary Theology
Ortiz, LeilaContemporary TheologyTheology for MinistryCV
Schade, LeahTheology for MinistryScriptural TheologyCV
Sribuaai, DuangsudaScriptural TheologyContemporary Theology

Linked information has been provided by the students themselves on our request.