Philip D.W. Krey plans to step down as Lutheran Seminary President at the end of 2014 - Announcement Letters

Letters from the Rev. Dr. John Richter, Chair of the LTSP Board of Trustees, and LTSP President Philip Krey on the announcement of Dr. Krey's stepping down as seminary president in December 2014. A news release can be found here.

LTSP 150 Celebration

June 26, 2013


Dear Members of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia Community,


At a meeting of the Board of Trustees on June 26, 2013, President Krey submitted a letter indicating that he will step down as this seminary's leader on December 31, 2014. His letter to the Board is included below.


The Board expressed its heartfelt thanks to President Krey for his diligent and dedicated leadership of this seminary for the past 15 years. It is clear he has been a conscientious and committed steward of theological education in this place. There will be opportunities to express our gratitude in the days ahead.


The Board has begun planning for an orderly transition and tending to the many tasks involved in the search for and selection of the seminary's next leader. This process will involve the various stakeholders and constituencies of the seminary. We are committed to clear communication during this transition. Please watch for information on the search process in the coming weeks. We covet your support and invite your prayers.


In the meantime, there continue to be multiple issues the Board and entire seminary community will address. There are several challenges that will require action and decisions in the coming months. Determinations made in the days ahead will shape this school for decades to come.


In the midst of transition, our work continues. The Board and president pledge to work especially closely in the coming months, aware of the work we are called to in the present even as we plan for a new day. Please join with the Board and the president in seeking to faithfully guide our seminary into the future God sets before us.


With gratitude for the promises of God, and your continued partnership in our mission, 

The Rev. Dr. John Richter signature  

The Rev. John C. Richter

Chair, Board of Trustees

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia


LTSP Office of the President

Grace and Peace be to you from our Lord Jesus Christ.


Dear members of the Board of Trustees,


As people admire the cross given to me by my dear faculty colleagues at my installation as president, I regularly share how proud I am to wear this gift in this great city. I will be honored to pass it on to someone who will steward this wonderful school into God's future. Today, I shared with the Board of Trustees that I long planned to step down as president soon after the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the seminary.


I began serving in December 1999, and as I plan to step down on December 31, 2014, fifteen years will be long enough. By God's grace I will entrust the beginning of the next 150 years to someone whom the Board invites to lead this wonderful school with its dedicated faculty and staff, amazing students, and superb boards and trustees. As a creature of habit I did the same at Amazing Grace Lutheran Church in Baltimore. I was able to serve as pastor until its 150th anniversary, and 28 years later it is still going strong. I have supported the three spectacular pastors who succeeded my ministry, and I pledge that the board and my successor at LTSP will receive my prayers and resolute financial support. 


In the days ahead, I will have plenty to do as I have a growing list of academic projects. I have enjoyed my service here and have valued the board's leadership and commitment. I am grateful to the seminary community for its trust in my stewardship. In the next eighteen months I pledge my focused attention and all my resources to fulfill the 150th anniversary initiative that is part of LTSP's Strategic Plan that holds great promise. It is my prayer that God will send us favorable winds. I thank God for each of you. May God continue to bless this wonderful school.


With thanksgiving in Christ Jesus, 

Philip Krey signature

Philip D. Krey

President and Ministerium of New York Professor of Church History

June 26, 2013