LTSP Alumnus The Rev. Dr. Martin Lohrmann Publishes Doctoral Work

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Circumstances in our lives change, and we need to think about those changes.

Bugenhagen's JonahBugenhagen’s Jonah (Lutheran University Press, 2012), by the Rev. Martin Lohrmann, PhD, makes several significant contributions to Reformation studies. It is the first book published in English about Bugenhagen in over 80 years. It integrates diverse fields of study (including biblical interpretation, ecclesiology, worship, social reform and church history), draws upon the latest international scholarship, and translates original sources. Finally, the emphasis on Bugenhagen as a public theologian highlights the relationship between faith and daily life for every age.

“The idea to focus my doctoral work on one of Luther’s colleagues first came from a lecture by Martin Treu of Wittenberg, who said that Luther was not a lone giant but worked for church reforms with many other people,” explained Dr. Lohrmann. “I immediately wanted to learn more about this collegial side of the Lutheran Reformation. Johannes Bugenhagen, a pastor and professor in Wittenberg during the Reformation, was a natural person to study.”

Lohrmann continues: “My work revolves around a commentary on Jonah that Bugenhagen wrote in the tumultuous years after Luther died. Through this one biblical commentary, I was able to shed new light on some forgotten history, learn more about early Lutheran biblical interpretation, and especially see how the Reformers applied their biblical faith to practical work in the church and society. I hope my book conveys some of the excitement I felt as I got to know Luther, Melanchthon, Bugenhagen and the Lutheran Reformation better.”

You can purchase Lohrmann’s book at Amazon or Lutheran University Press.

Martin J. Lohrmann is an ELCA pastor and teacher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has earned degrees from Valparaiso University (BA 1999), Wartburg Theological Seminary (MDiv 2004), and The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, (PhD 2010).