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Class Notes – November 2015

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The Rev. Dr. Victor Tinambunan, STM 1998 | President, HKBP Theological Seminary

The Rev. Dr. Victor Tinambunan was installed as president of HKBP Theological Seminary, Siantar, Indonesia on November 14, 2015. HKBP (the Huria Kristen Batak Protestan Church on the island of Sumatra is a Lutheran Church in Indonesia with about 4 million members. We have 420 undergrad students and 80 postgrad students in our seminary. It serves most of the Lutheran and other Protestant churches in North Sumatra. Please consider to visit our seminary which is located only 40 km from Lake Toba. (photos from Victor’s Facebook page)

HKBP Inauguration HKBP Inauguration
HKBP Inauguration HKBP Inauguration


The Rev. Dr. Denise Brown, MDiv 1986, DMin 2013 | Chaplain, Filling Home

Denise Brown was the recipient of the 2015 United States Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service award. Denise received this award for her contributions in and out of the water to the sport of Open Water swimming and for her initiative and work in teaching persons with special needs to swim. Denise received this award at the United States Aquatic Convention held in Kansas City, MO in September.


Heidi Neumark - Hidden InhertianceThe Rev. Heidi Neumark, MDiv 1982 | Pastor, Trinity Lutheran Church of Manhattan

I’m excited to announce the publication of my new book, ‘Hidden Inheritance: Family Secrets, Memory and Faith.’ about my discovery of my Jewish heritage and my family’s saga of death and survival during the Shoah.


The Rev. Gordon Simmons, MDiv 1971 | Retired
I retired in February and Sandie and I moved to Dover, DE to be close to one of our daughters and her family. Didn’t stay “retired” very long though. Currently serving (1/2 time) as assistant to the Bishop of the DE/MD Synod.


Moose Flores, MDiv 2013 | Traveler

After 8 months and 21,000 miles, I completed my #USofMoose road trip to all the lower 48 states!
I saw 2 oceans, 5 moose, 9 lakes, 13 National Parks, 27 waterfalls, and 33 pets. I visited 45 homes, read 17 books, celebrated 6 birthdays (one was my own), hiked 3 mountains, knit 1 scarf, and discovered a superpower. Here are photos from the journey – see how many LTSP colleagues you recognize:

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