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Fall Intensives 2012

October 15-19 – STM/DMin – Jesus in Cultural Perspective (Dr. H.S. Wilson)

This course will explore some of the key images of Jesus that emerged in Global South in the 20th century, and the implications of those images for the ministry and mission in Global South and among the immigrant communities from Global South in North America.

October 15-19 - STM/DMin -- Pastoral Care in the African American Tradition (Dr. Edward Wimberly)

This course will cover the history and theology of African American Pastoral Care and the role of major African American Pastoral Counselors, including Home Ashby, Lee Butler, Carolyn McCrary, Carol Watkins Ali, Archie Smith, Ed Wimberly and others. Students will be introduced to narrative cultural and theological approaches within African American pastoral care and counseling, while paying attention to contextual and political analyses.

Fall 2012

PhD seminar -- Scriptural Theology (Dr. Robert Robinson)

Describing writings as scripture signifies a special status and function for those works within communities of faith.  This course will examine the historical development of doctrines of scripture, the various ways in which the authority of scriptural writings has been understood, the implications of scriptural status for strategies of interpretation, and the relationship between the authority of the scripture within a community of faith and within the larger realm of public discourse.  Primary focus will be on the biblical tradition but other scriptural traditions will be considered as well.

STM/PhD Readings in Reformation History and Theology (Dr. Timothy J. Wengert)

This course will provide an analysis of a major figure (e.g., Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Bucer), event (e.g., Peasants’ War, 1530 Diet of Augsburg), and/or movement (late-medieval scholasticism; Anabaptism; confessionalization) of the Reformation. Students will be encouraged to link their research to the historical, theological and social contexts of the time.

STM/PhD Postcolonialism and the Church (Dr. David D. Gafton/Dr. Mrinalini Sebastian)

The Church’s global mission is always undertaken within the context of social-political frameworks and narratives.  This seminar will look at Postcolonial Theory from within the contexts of Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and the Church's understanding of Mission within its global relationships and encounters, including Edinburgh (1910), Lausanne (1974), WCC (1979), and the ELCA's GM21 (1999) and Edinburgh 2010.

STM/DMin Always Reforming: A New Look for a Missional Church (Dr. Dave Daubert)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP LMS site.) 

The course will look at some key works from the Reformation and apply them fresh in new ways to inform a 21st century church as it engages today’s diverse contexts for effective and practical mission..

STM/DMin  Book of Faith: Print, Politics, Public Event (Dr. Karl Krueger)
(Distance Education Course - students should have computer competency and will need to work through the LTSP LMS Site.)

A study of the complex and turbulent history of the printed Bible from the invention of moveable type (1453) to the present. Topics covered include the sociology of reading, book production, editorship, book and page format, paratexts, illustrations, censorship, distribution and impact on the public sphere at the time of publication. The course will utilize the rich holdings of the Rare Book Room of the Krauth Memorial Library in a digital format.



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