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Prof. Erik HeenGraduate Courses at LTSP are offered in a variety of ways: Traditional once a week 3-hour block classes in Fall and Spring semesters; one-week intensive courses; distance learning courses; and some limited independent studies.

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August 2012

PhD Comprehensive Exams – August 22, 24, 27 and 29 – (second year students)
PhD orientation -- August 27-31--For new students 

Fall Semester 2012

PhD seminar – Scriptural Theology Seminar, Dr. Robinson

Describing writings as scripture signifies a special status and function for those works within communities of faith. This course will examine the historical development of doctrines of scripture, the various ways in which the authority of scriptural writings has been understood, the implications of scriptural status for strategies of interpretation, and the relationship between the authority of the scripture within a community of faith and within the larger realm of public discourse.  Primary focus will be on the biblical tradition but other scriptural traditions will be considered as well.  

PhD seminar – Readings in Reformation History and Theology, Dr. Wengert

This course will provide an analysis of a major figure (e.g., Luther, Melanchthon, Calvin, Zwingli, Bucer), event (e.g., Peasants’ War, 1530 Diet of Augsburg), and/or movement (late-medieval scholasticism; Anabaptism; confessionalization) of the Reformation. Students will be encouraged to link their research to the historical, theological and social contexts of the time. 

PhD/STM seminar – Postcolonialism and the Church: Orientalism, Occidentalism, and Mission, Dr. David D. Grafton, Dr. Mrinalini Sebastian

The Church’s global mission is always undertaken within the context of social-political frameworks and narratives.  This seminar will look at Postcolonial Theory from within the contexts of Africa, the Middle East, South and Southeast Asia and the Church's understanding of Mission within its global relationships and encounters, including Edinburgh (1910), Lausanne (1974), WCC (1979), and the ELCA's GM21 (1999) and Edinburgh 2010.

January 2013

PhD Teaching Seminar (required for first-year PhD students), Dr. Krych

This seminar will explore methods of teaching in higher education settings, such as colleges and seminaries. The seminar prepares for teaching assistant responsibilities that are a required part of the PhD program. Non-credit bi-weekly workshops will follow to continue reflection on teaching and research throughout the rest of the first and the second years. (R) 

Spring 2013

PhD seminar – American Religious History, Dr. Pahl 

This course studies the historical contexts of "religions" in "America."  Common readings will guide discussion for the first half of the course, with student presentations and peer responses guiding the second half.  Students can engage their thesis research and/or comprehensive examination readings with the topic of the course.

PhD/STM seminar – Trinitarian Theology, Dr. Hoffmeyer

An examination of the classical development and contemporary revitalization of the doctrine of the Trinity, with an emphasis on using the doctrine of the Trinity as a lens for focusing theological and ethical reflection in church and world today. (CT)

PhD/STM seminar – Research Methods, Dr. M. Sebastian

A thorough examination of the variety of research methodologies available for STM theses and PhD dissertations in scriptural/theological/historical/social-ethical disciplines.  Special attention will be given to the actual theses and dissertations being proposed by the participants. (R)

In addition to PhD and PhD/STM courses, student may browse the STM/DMin (600) courses and upgrade these to PhD Status.

Please check the available PhD courses at UPenn, Temple, Princeton, Westminster -- See the PhD Handbook for directions.