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Creative Services Q & A

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I have a project to initiate with Creative Services. What are my responsibilities as a client? What will Creative Services do?

Responsibilities of the client (person requesting the project):

Responsibilities of Creative Services:

  • Participate in concept/strategy meeting (as necessary)
  • Confirmation of PIF
  • Content editing
  • Photo selection (as arranged with client)
  • Design
  • Proof(s) given to client
  • Final budget estimate
  • Arranging printing, shipping, and/or distribution
  • Notifications to client of project progress and expected production schedule

What is Smartsheet, and what does it have to do with my project?

Smartsheet is a cloud-based project management system Creative Services will be using – along with you – to manage your project. Once your project is in place, a Smartsheet site will be set up and Smartsheet will send you an email. Smartsheet will include a critical point timeline, a place for you to upload files (text copy, images, etc.) for your project, and project specific communication tools. For instance, want to know where your project is in the process? Check your project’s Smartsheet. Learn more about how this works in the Learning Videos, especially starting with video 2A – Using Smartsheet During Production. The Learning Videos show in detail how Smartsheet will work in facilitating managing your project. More general information about Smartsheet is available on their website, and they have an extensive help area you might wish to explore.

How long will my project take?

  • Project timelines depend on the complexity of the content, and the timely completion of client responsibilities. A general idea of the time needed to complete each step of the production process can be found below under Sample Project Timelines.
  • To plan ahead, you can expect the following timelines for these projects (add 5 days if requesting Creative Services to create text/written content):

Sample Project Timelines

Project Type Time to Completion
Integrated Marketing Project – print, email, social media 10-12 weeks
Broadcast – advertisement 4-6 weeks
Digital – advertisement 2-4 weeks
Digital – Constant Contact email 3-4 weeks
Digital – social media campaign 4-6 weeks
Digital – website news item 1-2 weeks
Digital – new website page 2-4 weeks
Digital – update website page 1 week
Digital – online form 1-2 weeks
Media (radio, tv, print) – press release 1-2 weeks
Print – advertisement 2-4 weeks
Print – booklet 4-8 weeks
Print – brochure 4-8 weeks
Print – buckslip 4-8 weeks
Print – bulletin/program 4-6 weeks
Print – business cards 2-4 weeks
Print – catalog 10-12 weeks*
Print – flyer 4-6 weeks
Print – form 2-4 weeks
Print – invitation 4-6 weeks
Print – magazine 6-10 weeks*
Print – poster 4-6 weeks
Print – postcard 3-5 weeks
Mailing of print project(s) 1-2 weeks
Promotional material – pens, notepads, coffee mugs, etc. 4-6 weeks

*depending on page count

How much will my project cost?

  • Project costs will vary based on the quantity and media type requested.
    • For print jobs that can be produced in-house on the Brossman copier (near the mail room, ground floor of The Brossman Center), color copies cost $0.05/one-side of sheet, and black and white copies cost $0.02/one-side of sheet, plus the cost of paper. A typical ream (500 sheets) of standard weight 8.5”x11” paper costs $5-8.
    • For projects requiring outside printing, Creative Services will provide a quote to the client.

What resources are available to me to use on my own?

What resources are available to help me create written content?

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