Distant Learning Collaborative Program

Student studying onlineThe Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (Lutheran) and Lancaster Theological Seminary announce their collaboration in offering introductory courses in a number of areas. Incorporating emerging technologies, each offering is designed to introduce the participant to theological study while providing the flexibility to remain in his or her own location.

These courses provide a foundation should the participant desire to continue his or her education on either campus in a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Religion degree program. Whether applied to a degree or as part of one’s life long learning plans, our Distant Learning Program will take you deeper into the study of Christianity.

Together, the two seminaries will be offering more courses than a individual seminary with 10 foundational courses in theology being developed. Whether seeking to pursue Christian theological studies in the future, or simply enhancing and expanding one’s knowledge, the participant will delve deeper into the study of Christianity without having to become a resident on campus or commute to classes through one-on-one instructor connection, video lectures, group discussions, collaborative projects, and relevant media content.

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