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Saying thanks and reviving sdult learning

President KreyBy now I am sure that many or most of you have heard I will be stepping down as President after the 150th anniversary celebration of the seminary in October 2014. So many of you have written or otherwise contacted me to express your appreciation for my nearly 15 years of service. Thank you! I could not have done it without your partnership! Please plan on joining us in October 2014 for the anniversary celebration fundraising event and the events leading up to it. You’ll be hearing more about that in the coming months.

Speaking of that type of notification, we are reviving our continuing education initiative (known a few years ago as the Faith and Life Institute), as Adult Learning, coordinated by Kathie Afflerbach. We want everyone to know he/she is welcome to take courses to fulfill aspirations for continuing education at the seminary.

One of our partners in that endeavor is Adult Lutherans Organized for Action (ALOA) under the guidance and assistance of my predecessor, Dr. Robert G. Hughes. For five Saturdays in October and November, our distinguished Professor Bob Robinson will lead a course he's titled "Who Am I to Go to Pharaoh? Biblical Insights on Faithful Leadership" to support lay leaders in their quest to better equip themselves for congregational service. You can choose either to be live in the classroom each Saturday with Dr. Robinson or to participate in the study online, no matter where you live! It is a wonderful experiment for us. See information about this course, and register online, at We certainly thank Dr. Hughes and ALOA for all their support and encouragement in creating this course.

In addition, on Saturdays this fall semester I will be teaching a class called “The Congregation and Money.” In the class we will be examining our understanding and the use of money in congregations and developing ways to understand endowments, estate cultivation, and giving within the wider church and congregations. This course is aimed at pastors and congregational leaders who want to improve their giving and congregational health.

Dr. Martin Lohrmann and Pastor Keith Anderson have teamed up to offer an exciting fall semester online course titled “Catechism as Platform: Teaching the Catechism in a Digital Age.” Pastors and Christian educators will garner ideas for communicating Luther’s “platform of faith” both inside and outside our churches through various social media resources.

Dr. David Grafton is offering a hybrid course on Christian-Muslim Engagement in North America. Participants may elect either to enroll in the entire course, which includes both in-class and online components, or to sign up to come for particular course sessions. Contact Dr. Grafton ( or Kathie Afflerbach ( for more information.

There are many other courses in our fall schedule that you are invited to consider – you’ll find them at Look for links to our many learning opportunities and how to register at Or contact Kathie Afflerbach for information by emailing her at

As you can imagine, I am looking forward to my return to teaching, but there is much to do before then. In the months ahead, I will be focusing on our strategic plan for LTSP’s 150th anniversary. The plan includes an emphasis on enrollment growth, implementation of our new “flexible, affordable, relevant” curriculum, keeping the seminary on a sound financial footing for the future, and raising $10 million in scholarship funds for the next generation of seminarians so they can enter their mission and ministry without debt.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support toward these ends. You make such a difference!

Philip D.W. Krey