Fund for Leadership scholar Jessica Morton excited to embark on her seminary studies at LTSP

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Jessica MortonJessica Morton, a recipient of a one-half Fund for Leadership Scholarship, recently completed service as youth director for Epiphany Lutheran Church in Atlanta, Georgia, and begins her seminary studies at LTSP this month .

“This is so exciting! I can’t wait to begin my time with LTSP!” Jessica says. Jessica was born in Philadelphia, but explains she grew up in Woodstock, Georgia, attended Good Shepherd Lutheran Church there, and remains a member of the congregation.

After completing high school in 2009, Jessica attended the University of Georgia, graduating this past May with a BA in Communication Studies.

“I felt the call to ministry probably midway through my junior year of college after feeling lost and unhappy with other jobs and internships I was pursuing,” Jessica says. “My pastor from Good Shepherd, Justin Ask, had encouraged me to look into seminary, but I put it off because I assumed it wasn’t for me. I figured there were other ways to help people in need. That is what I have always wanted to do. I began my time in school as a social work major."

“Then, through a series of unexpected events and – although it may sound ‘cheesy’ – God moments, I was offered the youth job at Epiphany and never looked back,” Jessica says.  “I have never felt God confirm a calling to me, or a feeling that I was to be in ministry so strongly until I began to actually work in a ministry setting with the kids. It was a wonderful experience that taught me so much about my passions and that path I believe God is calling me to. I loved working with the kids as I am a big kid myself! I enjoy reading, writing and anything that involves the outdoors."

“I am so eager to begin the MAPL (Master of Arts in Public Leadership) Program at LTSP as I feel there is so much more to learn about the church and its people,” Jessica concludes.