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Whenever possible, full-time students, other than those on internship, are encouraged to take advantage of on-campus housing to facilitate their faith development within a community setting. Seminary accommodations include approximately 35 one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments and 36 studio apartments. Married students and single parents have priority in the assignment of apartments; single students and those who are "resident commuters" (living alone on campus during the week and returning to a permanent resident on the weekend) are generally assigned to studios. All students living without family members on campus are required to participate in the Refectory food services plan as part of their lease or contract.

Housing fees are determined annually for the academic year. A utility surcharge equal to six percent of rent covers all utilities except telephone. Apartments are unfurnished; studios include a kitchenette, bed, dresser, desk, and other basic furnishings.

In general, pets, other than aquarium pets and seeing-eye dogs, are not permitted in campus housing. However, students coming to campus with no more than two cats may be permitted to keep them in one of the perimeter apartments by certifying that the cats have been de-clawed, spayed/neutered, and vaccinated and by paying a $250 registration fee for each cat.

All students living in campus housing are required by Pennsylvania state law to show verification that they have received a one-time meningococcal vaccination.  Students who choose not to have such a vaccination are required to submit a signed waiver form.