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Creative Services Learning Videos

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You can learn how to use Creative Services’ client-accessible online resources by watching these learning videos. Below the full series you’ll find the video split into segments, and some useful links to go along with those segments.


Project Initiation Checklist
Checklist & Sample Timelines

Project Initiation Form
Written Content Creation Request
Distribution List Request
Event Webpage Request
Event Registration Form Request
Production  Checklist & Sample Timelines
Using Smartsheet During Production You will receive an email with the link to your project’s Smartsheet. That link will allow you to access all of the Smartsheet functions for your Project.
Accessing Your Project’s Smartsheet
Uploading Project Content As Attachments
Setting Notifications
Viewing The Gantt Chart Project Schedule
Creating And Contributing To Discussions
Flagging Items For Attention
Questions Smartsheet Help and more (Smartsheet website)
email and make the subject line “Smartsheet Help”


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