My “Empty Nester” Will

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(Larry House died unexpectedly August 13, 2013, making this story even more timely and important.)

Circumstances in our lives change, and we need to think about those changes.

When my wife Karen and I developed our first estate plan, our children were younger and we wanted to make sure their future was secure. We needed to name possible guardians for the children. High school and college were still ahead, and we wanted to be sure resources were available to help them. And of course we wanted to care for one another.

Our children are now grown, married, working, and even parents. They are doing well. The critical need to provide for their needs has changed. We still want to remember them and (of course!) our grandchildren in our plans. And we want to be sure one another are cared for as retirement approaches in a few years.

But we are now better able to plan to benefit the seminary, our congregation, and other charities through our ultimate stewardship. And making changes to our will is quite easy.

Has your life changed? Does your will need to be updated to address those changes? Would you like to discuss your hopes and dreams regarding leaving a legacy?

If so, I would welcome the opportunity to chat with you and discuss ways you can meet your hopes and dreams! 

Larry House
Senior Philanthropic Advisor, LTSP

Larry would want you to speak with his colleague, the Rev. John V. Puotinen, CFRE, Vice President for Philanthropy, about your hopes and dreams. Contact John at or call 215.248.7304, or by mail to John Puotinen, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, 7301 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119.