Campus Life Information - New Students

For questions regarding any of the following, please contact Enrollment Services at 215-248-6302.

Student ID

All students are required to have a student photo ID.  Enrollment Services will send an email with information for having photos taken. 


Students who intend to park on campus need to register their vehicles with the Security Department. Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form and return it to the main security desk in The Brossman Center upon your arrival. The annual vehicle registration fee of $40 will be charged to your student account each semester.

Mail Box

All students are assigned a campus mailbox by which to receive campus communications and returned course papers. Please check with the mailroom for your mailbox number and key. The mailroom is on the first floor of the Brossman Center. If you are a part-time or evening student, you may need to make arrangements to receive your mailbox assignment and key.

Email Accounts, Moodle Accounts, Henry Student Web Portal

All students will be assigned and are required to use an LTSP email account. Your email address and password information will be emailed to you once your Acceptance and Commitment Letter is received.  Important information from faculty and administrative offices is sent to this address, and you are responsible for all communications sent to your email address. Your email and password will also give you access to the Henry system (student account information) and to the Moodle course management system.

Note that your professor determines when to open the Moodle site for any individual course. You will receive an email notification when a course site is open in Moodle - you do not need to check with the help desk if you do not see a course you are enrolled in on your Moodle list. Also, drop/add changes take several days after you have submitted a drop/add to the Registrar before they are reflected in Moodle.

You will find more information about LTSP email, Henry, Moodle, and other computing issues on the Information Systems Web pages. Please contact the Help Desk - (log in using your LTSP email username/password) or email - if you need assistance accessing your email account, Moodle (course / class information), or the Henry system

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is available on the LTSP website. You will need to log on with your LTSP email address and password to access the Student Handbook and some other resources on the website.

Food Services

On Wednesdays, a full meal will be available at lunch time in the Brossman Center. Time schedules and menus will be available in mid-August.

Worship and Community Activities / Groups

A variety of worship opportunities are available throughout the week. Worship schedules may be found at

More information about community activities and groups is provided online: and in the online Student Handbook.