Ways New Students Can Prepare for Seminary

Review your English grammar.  If you've been out of the classroom for a while or if you are taking a language in the coming semester, reviewing your English grammar can be especially useful. 

Brush up on your writing skills.  Being able to write a clear and critical paragraph is an important skill for seminary.  We suggest reading The Seminary Student Writes by Deborah Core, published by Chalic Press. Also helpful for correctly making citations is A Manual for Style by Kate Turabian, the 8th edition.

Make sure your denomination and congregation know you are going to seminary. If you have not already contacted your denominational offices and your home congregation, now is the time to do so.  First, they can support you in a variety of ways including prayer and good wishes.  Second, if you are seeking ordination there will be processes to complete with denomination.

Read Scripture The Biblical instructors at LTSP have chosen The New Revised Standard Version to be used in classes.  The Harper Collins Study Bible is a solid choice for an NRSV annotated Bible.

Spend time in prayer and worship.

Engage in conversation about vocation and discernment with those who are or have been in seminary or those who have been mentors to you.

Take time to do the things you enjoy Take time to visit with family and friends.  If there is an opportunity to take a retreat or vacation, pursue it!  Read for fun.  Go to the movies.  Relax a little before you begin this new adventure.

When applicable, begin to make arrangements for your new schedule: moving, change of address, car insurance/ registration, childcare, etc. Below are some web resources that will help you get started.

For vehicle registration: