Introduction to Public Theology

Introduction to Public Theology (SGN100), is required for all full-time and part-time first-professional students (MAR, MDiv, TEEM, and Transfers). It is worth one full course unit and is a letter-graded course (with some elements on a completed/not-completed basis). The course also includes two workshops, Professional Ethics and Anti-Racism, which are required for LTSP students. No waivers or exemptions will be granted to anyone for these workshops.

For the 2013-2014 academic year, Introduction to Public Theology is a full semester evening course, from 6-8:30pm, and two daylong Saturday workshops. You may need to allow for time off from work. A finalized, detailed schedule will be emailed to you during the summer, along with information on advance reading and preparation.

Introduction to Public Theology at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia prepares full and part-time students for the rigors and commitments of theological education through a series of introductory conversations, readings, writing assignments, and cross-cultural experiences. IPT is an integrative introduction to seminary studies, focusing on how to “think theologically” in the present context of cultural diversity and religious pluralism.  Sessions are designed to facilitate transition to theological education, to assist in vocational discernment, and to provide exposure to various aspects of Christian public witness in today’s world. 

There are four aspects to Introduction to Public Theology at LTSP:

  1. Introduction to Thinking Theologically
  2. Introduction to Thinking Theologically in this Cultural Location
  3. Introduction to Public Theology

At LTSP, Public Theology is not only an academic approach but a way we live our lives together. Therefore, the course includes both academic and community elements.

Register for Introduction to Public Theology (SGN100) when you register for Fall Semester classes. Entering students who do not complete SGN100 in Fall 2013 will be required to take the course in the Fall of 2014. Failure to complete SGN100 prior to beginning the fourth semester of full-time study or equivalent will result in your being ineligible to continue study.

If you have any questions, please contact:

The Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath
Coordinator of Student Services
Brossman Center

The Rev. Dr. Storm Swain
Assoc. Professor of Pastoral Care and Theology
Hagan Building
215-248-7375 (on campus dial 7375)