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PS Portions – February 2017

PS Portions for February 2017

February 2017

In the February 2017 PS Portions, LTSP President David Lose considers “The Next Generation of Leaders,” “Salt and Light,” Icon Gifts, Preaching Day 2017 – A Successful Revival, Preaching with Power – Celebrating 35 Years!, plus Class Notes and LTSP Notes.

President David Lose

The Next Generation of Leaders

Who will form the next generation of leaders?

This is a pressing question, as a recent ELCA research study concluded that there are currently more than 600 congregations who want and can afford a pastor but cannot find one because of a growing clergy shortage. By 2020, the number of empty pulpits will grow to 1000. LTSP President David Lose provides some answers in this month’s reflection.

Read more from President Lose in this month’s message…

Salt and Light

Salt and Light

The Rev. Dr. David Lose preached on “Salt and Light” at chapel to open the spring semester on Wednesday, February 8, starting with “I’m not sure I can remember a time when we’ve needed salt and light more. So much fear, so much division, so much disenfranchisement, darkness, and dread. No, I don’t think I can remember a time when we’ve needed salt and light more than we do just now.”

Read the rest of the sermon here…

Meditation space with icons

Icon Gifts Donation inspires Library Meditation Room

Short copy goes here.

Learn more about this generous gift and view a slide show from the occasion…

Preaching Day 2017

Preaching Day 2017 – A Successful Revival

The 2017 revival of Preaching Days brought Anna Carter Florence and William Willimon – along with a full house for both Benbow Hall and Schaeffer-Ashmead Chapel – to the seminary campus for a day of learning, worship, and fellowship. Watch and listen to recordings and see photos from the day.

View video and photos from Preaching Day…

Preaching with Power - Celebrating 35 Years!

Preaching with Power – Celebrating 35 Years!

The Rev. Dr. Quintin L. Robertson, Director of LTSP’s Urban Theological Institute (UTI), reflects on the upcoming 35th anniversary of UTI’s Preaching with Power (PWP) event – its history, the new “Preaching with Power Sunday,” and the future.

Watch Dr. Robertson and learn more about the Preaching with Power 35th Anniversary celebration March 12 – March 16…

February Class Notes

Read February’s Class Notes with updates from the Rev. Dr. Chaz Howard, Carol Rowehl, the Rev. Dr. Paul Santmire, the Rev. Thomas Chittick, the Rev. Eric Anderson, and Roxhelle Melander.

February’s LTSP Notes

In February’s LTSP Notes, an update from Dr. Michael Krentz.

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