Project Sponsor: Sponsoring Students and Attracting Support

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Project Sponsor Attracting Support

Project SponsorA new initiative designed to help donors build a relationship with a seminarian while also providing the opportunity for financial support to that student is already attracting sponsors eager to support LTSP enrollees.

“The seminary is committed to collaborating with every one of its students to minimize the amount of student debt incurred and to support each student in every way,” explained Don Johnson, the seminary’s Vice President for Student Development. “Project Sponsor gives each of us a chance to serve God and strengthen God’s church by being part of a solution to those major commitments.” Project Sponsor was described in depth in the recent edition of PS magazine.

Since the story appeared, Johnson said two donors have each made donations of $45,000, an amount that covers three years of tuition for a seminarian. A third donor has gifted $15,000 to furnish one year of tuition for a student. A fourth donor has pledged $10,000 over three years to help underwrite the Project Sponsor challenge.

Johnson adds there are plans to ramp up Project Sponsor further “as soon as we complete getting our new class into LTSP at the end of August.”

The cost of three academic years of seminary can be summarized as follows:

  • One year tuition ($16,000) plus one year of living expenses ($14,000) comes to $30,000.
  • Two years of tuition ($32,000) plus two years of living expenses ($28,000) comes to $60,000.
  • Three years tuition ($48,000) plus three years of living expenses ($42,000) comes to $90,000.

If you have an interest in supporting a seminarian in this way, contact Johnson for information at or call him at 603.848.9904. You can also visit Sponsor.

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