Lilly Endowment grant enables seminary Stewards of Abundance to ‘hit the road’ to nurture prospective students

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The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) has received a new $31,500 Stewards of Abundance grant from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and funded by the Lilly Endowment. The funds will be used to make the case for theological education, assist in the discernment of prospective students, and raise awareness in congregations of the increasing need to offer scholarship assistance to seminary students.

Don Johnson - Stewards of AbundanceThis new initiative is a joint project of the Admissions and Philanthropy Offices. The Stewards of Abundance grant will enable teams of LTSP representatives (faculty, staff, and students) to visit six different locations this academic year. The visiting team will jointly host a prospective student dinner on a Saturday evening, and then individually disperse to conduct Seminary Sundays at congregations in the area. The six locations are Rochester, NY; Buffalo, NY; Albany, NY; Worcester, MA; Hartford, CT; and New York, NY. LTSP will work with parish pastors in these locations to coordinate logistics as well as help with promotion and publicity.

Tom Anderson - Stewards of AbundanceTom Henderson, LTSP Director of Church Relations, and Don Johnson, Vice President of Student Development, are coordinating the grant’s implementation. Both are excited about its potential. Johnson said, “The Stewards of Abundance grant makes it possible for us to bring prospective student events, which we normally hold on campus, to six locations where prospective students live and work. In this way, we expect to reach many people who are discerning calls who otherwise we would likely never encounter.” Henderson added, “Seminary Sundays have been a very successful venture for LTSP over the years, but they have largely beenStewards of Abundance confined to congregations in fairly close proximity to the seminary. The grant will enable us to increase the number of congregations reached by going deeper into our supporting territory.”

If you would like more information about the Stewards of Abundance grant, please contact Tom Henderson at or Don Johnson at, or call 800.286.4616.

Parish pastors gathered at LTSP in October to
plan Stewards of Abundance events in their areas

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