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Thank God for you

Dear Friends,

LTSP President David Lose If we read only the headlines, we may be tempted to conclude there is little for which to give thanks. Whether news from abroad or home, so much of the information we consume is designed to make us afraid, to create feelings of insecurity, and to convince us that we do not have enough. Yet we confess with the Psalmist that because the Lord is our Shepherd, we shall not want. Indeed, when we look with the eyes of faith, we see God’s gifts all over the place. And while we have opportunity to give thanks for these blessings each day, Thanksgiving provides a unique opportunity to voice our gratitude to God and to each other.

And so as you prepare for this holiday, please know that I give God thanks for you, alumni and friends of LTSP, for your service to Christ and Christ’s Church in so many different ways. I give thanks for your faithfulness and for your partnership in the Gospel. And I give thanks for your support and prayers. But most especially, I give thanks that we are united as kin and Christ and co-workers in the kingdom of God. Thank you, for all the many things you do in so many different places and ways. But more particularly, thank God for you.

Blessed Thanksgiving to you and yours in Christ,

David Lose

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