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Continuing Education

Non-Credit Continuing Education

The mission of the Non-Credit Continuing Education Program is to provide theologically rooted learning opportunities for the lay person. Informal classes taught by seminary professors or rostered leaders are designed to provide lay people with the opportunity to grow in Christian faith and life. The variety in the class offerings encourages discernment as to where God may be calling you to use your gifts within your own congregation or community.

Certificate Program in Lutheran Church Leadership

This program offers individual courses and (if desired) credentialing to equip present and potential lay leaders who volunteer their time in congregational ministry. This will be a “hybrid course” available online as well as in the classroom.

Biblical Insights on Faithful Leadership

Although the Bible is by no means an instructional manual for effective leadership, it does give insight into the characteristics of some of the most remarkable leaders in Israel and the early Christian church. Participants in this course will study the biblical texts recounting the lives of faith-filled leaders such as Moses, Paul, Ruth and David, drawing inspiration from the courses they charted for their people.

Seminars on Educational Ministry in Congregations

The seminary periodically offers a series of six one-day seminars/ workshops exploring various facets of educational ministries in congregations. Each daylong seminar is taught by a qualified practitioner and will center around one theme. The seminars are open to students (for credit) and to interested pastors and christian education leaders (for non-credit or continuing education credit).

Kathleen A. Afflerbach, AIM
Director, Donor Services; Coordinator, Non-Credit Education

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