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Distributed Learning Master of Divinity (DL)

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THE MASTER OF DIVINITY—DISTRIBUTED LEARNING PATHWAY (DL) at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) allows students to pursue their calling from virtually anywhere in the world. Combining online learning, contextual experiences, and residential study, the DL program helps students earn their degree at their own pace while maintaining the connections and support that have been essential to their development as a leader.

As an MDiv DL student, students will be immediately placed into a cohort that quickly becomes a truly unique learning community. Two-thirds of the DL coursework is completed online, via engaging classes that connect the subject matter at hand to a student’s experiences of ministry where they are. The remaining one-third of the coursework is completed in intensive learning experiences at LTSP’s vibrant, dynamic, and beautiful campus in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia. These on campus courses will draw students into significant conversation and relationship with faculty and other students (both in and beyond their program) and expose students to a variety of vibrant lively Christian traditions, other religious communities, and leadership opportunities.

DL learning isn’t for everyone, as it takes a combination of organization, motivation, and discipline, but if you are eager to pursue your degree from your current location it may provide the right combination of flexibility, community, academic rigor, and vibrant learning that will make it possible for you to become a public leader for God’s public Church.

Watch LTSP Associate Director of Admissions the Rev. Nate Preisinger and Educational Technologist Dr. Alexandra Reid talk about the Distributed Learning MDiv Pathway.

Computing Requirements for DL Program:

All students are required to have certain computer competencies before entering any LTSP program. LTSP IT staff will provide basic training on how to navigate the learning management system, Moodle, during orientation, but will NOT provide remedial computer training.

Instructors will assume that you have the following skills on the first day of class:

  • Ability to create directories
  • Ability to find files
  • Ability to save files to removable media
  • Ability to use a web browser and search the Internet
  • Familiarity with a word processing program
  • Familiarity with a spreadsheet program
  • Familiarity with a computer operating system (Windows or MacOS)
  • Have and use an e-mail account (including the ability to attach files)

To acquire these skills, students may take courses at a community continuing education program, a computing-training center, or at your local library. These skills can also be self-taught with the help of a textbook (such as the Visual Quickstart series) or the instruction manual for the specific software.

Hardware and Software:

In accordance with seminary policy, access to the following hardware and software is strongly recommended:

A laptop computer OR desktop computer with the following specifications:

Windows 7 or later, or, Mac OS X 10.6 or later
At least 4 GB RAM
2.4 GHz (minimum) core i5 Processor
Broadband Internet Connection (1.5 Mbps required, 4.0 Mbps recommended)

Browser: Chrome, Safari, or Firefox (latest version recommended)


Adobe Flash (latest version recommended)
Adobe Reader (updated as needed)
Java (updated as needed)
User privileges to install software (for required software installations)

Additional requirements for courses that utilize online meetings or live distance presentations with audio and video participation: 
Computer with microphone, speakers, and webcam (Headphones with microphone recommended)
A hardwired Broadband Internet Connection (Required)

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