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Master of Arts in Religion

The Master of Arts in Religion (MAR) at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) prepares students for further academic study and ministerial leadership in the Christian Church. Students in the MAR program participate in a 150-year tradition of outstanding theological education marked by academic excellence, spiritual formation, and ministry experience. With a world-renowned faculty and a curricular emphasis in Public Theology, LTSP prepares scholars and leaders for work in challenging, multi-cultural, pluralistic contexts.

Coursework includes Bible, theology, history, and courses in the student’s individual specialization. Specializations are available in Bible, History, Theology, Pastoral Care, Interfaith Studies, Christian Education, Lutheran Studies, Diaconal Ministry, Liturgy and Music, Integrative Theology, Metropolitan/Urban, Black Church, and Latino ministry. Other specializations may be available in consultation with an academic advisor. Students may pursue either a Professional Ministry track or a Theological Studies track.

LTSP Mission Statement and Expected Learning Outcomes for the MAR Program

With the above program goals in mind, LTSP expects that graduates of the Masters of Arts in Religion program will have the following Learning Outcomes, which are based upon the LTSP Mission Statement:

Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia seeks to educate and form public leaders who are committed to developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith for engagement in the world.

The MAR and degree program expects the following learning outcomes from their graduates.

   Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  1. Demonstrate Christian literacy, across classic theological disciplines: biblical, theological, historical, integrative
  2. Demonstrate an understanding of Christianity through particular social constructs
  3. Articulate faith that is accountable to appropriate publics

2    Educating and Forming

  1. Demonstrate familiarity with appropriate spiritual and ecclesiastical resources
  2. Form increasingly articulated ministerial and professional identity
  3. Articulating the cross-section of faith and public life (through a written thesis/project)

3    Developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith

  1. Demonstrate abilities to utilize appropriate religious and spiritual resources for specific communal goals
  2. Demonstrate capacity for leadership in appropriate communal contexts
  3. Demonstrate specific professional skills, appropriate to vocational goals

4    Engaging the world

  1. Demonstrate abilities to imagine and engage diverse publics in ministry and/or professional vocations within/across various cultural contexts
  2. Demonstrate to interpret and evaluate particular social contexts theologicall
  3. Demonstrate ability to integrate global, ecumenical and interfaith realities in analysis and practice, appropriate for vocational goals

LTSP offers day, night, Saturday, intensive, and online courses, making excellent theological education accessible to a wide range of students. Admission is on a rolling basis. Need and merit based financial aid is available.

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Our Mission

"Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia seeks to educate and form public leaders who are committed to developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith for engagement in the world."