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The Accelerated–Co-operative (Co-op) Master of Divinity Model

Read the story and watch the video: The Co-op program after its first year, at PS Portions!

The Accelerated–Co-operative Model (Co-op) for earning the Master of Divinity is an innovative partnership between the seminary, congregations, and Synods that seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Place students in a ministry context from their first days at seminary for a highly contextual education.
  • Provide students a shorter route to a lifetime of ministry through a program that combines full-time study and part-time parish experience.
  • Reduce student debt by reducing program time from four years to three and having the sponsoring congregation generously contribute toward cost of attendance.
  • Offer congregations a three-year relationship with a student so as to provide a greater level of continuity in the congregational leadership they receive.
  • Benefit from strong and consistent spiritual direction and a deep sense of community throughout the program by participating in monthly spiritual direction, formational retreats, and regular meetings with fellow Co-op students.

With the gracious support of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, the Accelerated Co-op model is the first of its kind in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

To learn more about Co-op, contact LTSP Admissions at or call 215.248.7302.

Seminarian Alex Zuber gives a brief account of his interest and experience in the Co-op Program

Seminarian Micah Krey talks at length about his first year in the Co-op Program


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