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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m being asked for a letter verifying my enrollment status. How do I get that?
Contact the registrar ( or 215.248.6305) and let her know what you need. She can generally take care of it.

I need a deferment of my prior student loans.
Susan Kowalski, Financial Aid Associate, will complete the form for you. Contact her at 717.338.3008 or

I need assistance with the VA or the military in getting tuition reimbursements.
Contact Marlita Lee for assistance at 215.248.7302 or

I need to change my name on my student records. How do I do that?
Please submit a photocopy of your legal documentation (marriage certificate, driver’s license, court order, etc.) to the Registrar’s Office in Brossman Center. Documents may be faxed to 215-248-7315 or emailed as attachments to

My address, phone number(s) and/or alternate email address has changed. What should I do?
Current LTSP students will regularly be asked to update their contact information in Henry when they register. If you wish to report such changes outside of Henry, please send an email to from your own email address. Please include:

  • Your name
  • Effective date of the change
  • Your complete new address
  • All current phone numbers, identified by type (unless you don’t want them used at all)
  • Your alternate personal email address

I can’t log in to Henry (or Moodle) because I’ve forgotten my ID or password.
Contact the LTSP Help Desk ( for assistance.

Henry says I need an advisor PIN to register. What is that?
If you are a continuing MDiv, MAR, MAPL, or Special student, you are required to consult your faculty advisor prior to registering every Fall and Spring semester. After the advisor has approved your course selections, he/she will give you a PIN with which to register for those courses.

Some advisors can be difficult to reach. Consequently, do not wait until the last minute to register. Failure to reach your advisor will not absolve you of having to pay the late registration fee if you miss the registration deadline. Contact the Faculty Assistant, Rachel Zimmermann, at 215-248-7382 or if you need help tracking down your advisor; she may know if your advisor is away and for how long.

If you are an advanced-level student (STM, DMin, PhD, Advanced Certificate), Henry should not be asking you to obtain a PIN. Contact the Registrar ( for assistance.

I see that I have a hold. What should I do?
There are generally two kinds of holds. A transcript hold indicates that the Registrar lacks an official qualifying transcript for your degree program. That is, if you are an MDiv, MAR, or MAPL student or taking courses at that level, we do not have an official transcript showing award of your bachelor’s degree. If you are a DMin, STM, or PhD student or taking courses at that level, we do not have an official transcript showing award of your MDiv of equivalent degree. It is your responsibility to contact the institution from which you received the degree and have an official copy of your transcript sent directly to Office of the Registrar, LTSP, 7301 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19119. Do not have the transcript sent to you; doing so may nullify the transcript.

A financial hold indicates that you have outstanding charges on your student account. It is your responsibility to 1) check your student account in Henry and pay all outstanding charges; 2) contact Diana Downey (215-248-6306 or to dispute a charge or make plans for repayment; and 3) to ask her to release the hold on your records after your account has been cleared.

Oh, no! The course is full! Is there a wait list?
Yes, you can be waitlisted for a course. Send an email to to indicate your wish to be added to the wait list.

I registered for a course, but the course website isn’t listed when I log in to Moodle. What’s the matter?
A Moodle course website will show up only after the instructor has opened the course. If Henry shows you as fully registered for the course (i.e., the registration isn’t pending), contact the instructor directly to find out when the course will be opened.

I want to do an independent study, but I don’t see it in Henry. What should I do?
Download the Special Course Registration Form AND the Independent Study Registration form from among the Forms related to registration. Review the instructions on the Independent Study Registration form to make sure you have obtained the required approvals. Submit the Special Course Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office as a provisional registration for purposes of meeting the registration deadline. Then complete the Independent Study Registration form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office only after you have completed your independent study proposal according to the guidelines.

I need a transcript. How do I get one?
Privacy regulations prohibit our releasing a transcript without the signed permission of the student. Use the Transcript Request Form to provide that signed permission. Be sure to determine whether you need an official transcript or whether an unofficial one will suffice. There is a charge for official transcripts that must be paid in advance.

If you are in the ELCA candidacy process and need a transcript sent to your committee, unofficial transcripts are normally acceptable. If you have submitted a Release Authorization to Enrollment Services to be kept in your student file, we will be able to send those transcripts upon oral request, whether by you or by your committee. Locate that form among the General Forms for Registrar’s Office.

I had permission to take a course at another school. How can I get it on my records here?
After you have completed the course and received your final grade, contact the school and ask that an official transcript be sent directly to Office of the Registrar, LTSP, 7301 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19119. Do not have the transcript sent to you, as you will nullify the transcript if you open it.

I took graduate courses before coming to LTSP. Will they transfer?
See the course transfer policy and the Application for program credit by course transfer or waiver, found under Forms related to registration.

I’m having problems with registration. What should I do?
For problems actually accessing Henry (the online student information portal), contact the LTSP Help Desk (

If you don’t see a button or tab for registration, you may be seeing a screen asking you to confirm your contact information. Proceed through that process, and you will end up at the registration screen.

If you’re having trouble finding your course, you may be trying to filter for the course. We generally recommend that you click on “Search” without setting any filters; that will bring up the entire list of available courses, so that you can register for all of them at once. If you have the entire list and the course still isn’t shown, contact the Registrar.

If your problem is with your course selection, contact the Registrar, who can advise you as to whether a pending registration can be put through. Common reasons for registrations to show up as pending:

  • Registering for the wrong version of a course. Many courses are listed in Henry twice, once with a “G” suffix and once without one (e.g., HCH222 and HCH222G). The “G” indicates that the course is being taken for STM/DMin-level credit and can be registered only by students at that level. First theological students registering for versions with “G” suffixes and advanced-level students registering for versions without them will find their registrations blocked because they are in the “wrong college”. Delete the selection, return to the full list of course options, and select the version of the course appropriate to your level.
  • Registering for field education in the Fall Semester. Fall field ed registrations require the approval of the Contextual Ed Office, as that office needs to know which students will need field ed placements. Be patient, and those registrations
    will be reviewed periodically and put through.

I need to drop a course. What should I do?
If you are dropping a course prior to the late registration (drop/add) deadline, you can do so by logging into Henry and dropping the course or by emailing the Registrar that you need to drop the course. Include the Course ID, a brief course title, and your full name in your email. A $30 course cancellation fee will be assessed to your student account if you drop a course after the on-time registration deadline.

If the late registration (drop/add) deadline has passed, you cannot drop a course. You are now under the rules of our Withdrawal Policy. You can withdraw from a course until the midpoint of the semester by emailing the Registrar per above. A “W” will be recorded on your transcript, and you will be eligible for a tuition refund based on the date your withdrawal is received in writing in the Registrar’s Office.

Withdrawals from courses after the term midpoint are possible only for extreme circumstances by petition to the Dean. No tuition refunds are possible for late withdrawals.

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