Advanced-Level Registration

This is the registration page for students who have been formally admitted as LTSP students in the DMin, STM, PhD, or Advanced Graduate Certificate programs. If you have not been admitted to one of these programs, click here for the registration page for Nondegree, Continuing Education, and Audit students.

Registration is currently open for January 2017. The on-time registration deadline for J-Term courses is Friday, December 9, after which a $60 late registration fee will be assessed for all initial J-Term registrations. However, if your Fall financial aid/student loan is contingent upon your J-Term course(s), they must be registered by the Fall late registration deadline (Sept 14).

Make sure your student account is paid up. Registration will not be permitted if you do not have clearance from the Business Office to register. If you fail to obtain clearance to register prior to the registration deadline, late registration fees will apply. Contact the Business Office to arrange to clear your account.

Register on-line via the Henry Online Student Information System
Make sure you have your Henry log-in ID and password. Registrations must be submitted on-line by the announced, on-time registration deadline to avoid the $60 late registration fee.

  • TIP 1: Look for January courses in the drop-down course list for the Fall Semester (17FA). Look for Summer courses in the drop-down course list for the Spring Semester (17SP).
  • TIP 2: Because you can add (or drop and add) course registrations without penalty, register for at least one course you plan to take and add any course(s) about which you are uncertain later.
  • TIP 3: If, after clicking on “Add Courses,” you see a screen with pull-down filters for accessing courses, DO NOT use those filters. Leave those unused and simply click on “Search” to get a list of all available courses. You can then click on all the courses for which you wish to register at one time.
  • TIP 4: Most courses can be taken for both first theological and advanced-level credit. To earn advanced-degree-level credit, you need to register for the version of the course with the “G” suffix on the course ID. If none exists, contact the registrar ( to see if the course can be upgraded for advanced-level credit. If you actually intend to register for a course without the “G” suffix because you are not taking it toward your degree, contact the registrar for assistance.
  • TIP 5: You cannot register in Henry for independent studies, cross-registrations, and courses at partner institutions. See below!**
  • NEWLY ADMITTED STUDENTS: Before logging into Henry, please notify the Registrar ( that you are ready to register. This gives us a chance to make sure your records are in order and that Henry is set up for your registration.
  • Contact the LTSP Help Desk ( if you need assistance logging in.

Registration Issues
If your registration for one or more courses fails to go through, please note the reason presented in Henry for preventing your registration and relay that information to the Registrar. You will be advised whether your registration can be processed and if you have additional steps to take.

**You cannot register on-line in Henry for independent studies, cross-registrations, and courses at partner institutions. To register these courses:

  • Independent study normally requires both preliminary registration per below and submission in hard copy of the separate Independent Study Request form and study proposal.

    1. If the independent study is the only course you are taking, use the Special Course Registration Form, available under forms related to registration, to submit a preliminary registration by the registration deadline and avoid the late registration fee.

    2. If you have already registered for other courses in the semester, you can instead pre-register your independent study through the email drop/add process. Include in your email (to your proposed study topic, units to be earned (1 or 1/2) and the intended study supervisor.

    3. The Independent Study Request form and study proposal must be submitted to finalize your registration, per the guidelines that accompany the form. Submit your proposal no later than the drop/add deadline for the term. You will find this form under forms related to registration.

  • STM theses and comprehensive exams, DMin projects, and PhD dissertations should be registered through the forms available in the manual for each. Start at “Advanced-Level Degree Programs” and click the link for your degree program to find your manual. Note that these registrations do not have a registration deadline; they can be submitted at any time.
  • Cross-registration: Courses at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg are eligible for cross-registration through LTSP. Check with the registrar there to make sure the course is open to you, and then use the LTSP-LTSG Cross-Registration Form, found under forms related to registration, to register through LTSP. Payment for the course will be to LTSP at the applicable LTSP tuition rate.

Confirmation of your registration will be through the “Henry” on-line portal following your registration. You will be able to print your schedule, if needed, from Henry.

Late registration is possible with payment of a $60 late fee until the late registration (drop/add) deadline. However, note any requirements that may exist for advance reading or preparation, which is common especially for intensive and short-term courses.

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