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Tuition and Fees

Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2016-17

[Books and other required course materials are additional out-of-pocket expenses. Costs will vary, depending on the type and number of courses taken and the sources from which these items are procured.]

Programmatic Fees

First Theological Level (MDiv/MAR/MAPL/Special)
Tuition per course unit (most students)$1,590
Tuition per course unit (MAR-PL/MAPL)
$ 1,770/$1,880
Internship fee (per semester)$500
Internship travel pool fee (per semester)$250
Test out fee$350
Graduation fee (degrees/certificates)$300/$100See note (1)
Seminary services fee (per semester)$275See note (2)
Extension fee (per semester after tenth year)$350See note (3)
Audit fee (per course unit)$550
Advanced Level (STM/DMin/Advanced Certificate)
Tuition per course unit$1,695
DMin Colloquia fees
   Colloquium I$575
   Colloquium 2$550
STM thesis/DMin project fees$825
STM oral examination$200
Seminary services fee (per semester)$150See note (2)
Graduation fee (degrees/certificates)$450/$100See note (1)
STM/DMin Program Continuation (per year)$250
See note (4)
STM/DMin Program Extension$325See note (3)
Doctoral Level (PhD)
Tuition per year (full-time students)$16,725
PhD Dissertation fee$1,250
Tuition per course unit (non-LTSP students)$2,590
Continuing education fee per course unit (PhDs only)$875
Audit fee per course unit (non-matriculants)$875
Seminary services fee (per semester)$150See note (2)
Graduation fee$450 See note (1)
Continuation fee (per semester after second year)$350
Students Not Admitted to Seminary
Non-degree tuition (1st Theol level)$1,590
Non-degree tuition (Advanced Level)$1,695
Continuing Education tuition (per course unit)$600
Audit fee (per course unit, except PhD students)$550
     Senior citizen/student spouse audit fee$350
Seminary services fee (non-degree students, per term)$100


Application fee$50
Student Body dues (per semester)$30See note (5)
Late registration fee (courses for credit)$60
Reinstatement fee$50
Affiliation fee$900
     Late affiliation fee $1,000
Payment plan application fee$125
Returned check fee$50
Collection agency fee$ 300


Jacobs Studio$7,200
Apartment monthly rents (not including 6% utility surcharge)See note (6)
     One bedroom$1,000
     Two bedrooms$1,150
     Three bedrooms$1,350


  1. Graduation fees are assessed in full, regardless of whether students can attend Commencement or own their own regalia.
  2. Seminary services fees are assessed for various administrative services rendered in support of student programs. They are levied on all matriculated students, whether or not they are taking courses that semester, unless the student is on a formally approved leave of absence from study.
  3. Extensions of one’s program beyond the normal limits of the program require petition by the student and approval of the Faculty. Programs Extensions in the MDiv/MAR/MAPL programs incur a fee for each semester in which the student continues beyond the tenth year. The STM/DMin Program Extension fee is assessed each year beyond the sixth year.
  4. The STM/DMin Program Continuation fee is assessed on all STM and DMin students who were inactive in the prior academic year (August-June).
  5. Student Body dues are owed by all MDiv, MAR, and MAPL students enrolled in courses half-time or more and all those students enrolled full-time in advanced degree programs.
  6. Apartments are unfurnished but include refrigerator and range.

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