Tuition and Fees

Fee Schedule for Academic Year 2014-15

Programmatic Fees

First Theological Level (MDiv/MAR/MAPL/Special)
Tuition per course unit (most students)$1,590
Tuition per course unit (MAR-PL/MAPL)
$ 1,770/$1,880
Graduation fee (degrees/certificates)$250/$75See note (1)
Test out fee$325
Internship fee (per semester)$500
Seminary services fee (per semester)$175See note (2)
Student Body dues (per semester)$20
Extension fee (per semester after tenth year)$325
Advanced Level (STM/DMin/Advanced Certificate)
Tuition per course unit$1,695
Graduation fee (degrees/certificates)$400/$75See note (1)
STM/DMin Program Continuation (per year)$225
STM/DMin Program Extension$300
STM thesis/DMin project fees$800
STM oral examination$175
DMin Colloquia fees
   Colloquium I$565
   Colloquium 2$525
Seminary services fee (per semester)$75See note (2)
Doctoral Level (PhD)
Tuition per year (full-time students)$16,725
PhD Dissertation fee$1,200
Graduation fee$400 See note (1)
Tuition per course unit (non-LTSP students)$2,590
Audit fee per course unit (non-matriculants)$830
Continuation fee (per semester after second year)$325
Seminary services fee (per semester)$75See note (2)
Students Not Admitted to Seminary
Non-degree tuition (1st Theol level)$1,590
Non-degree tuition (Advanced Level)$1,695
Continuing Education tuition (per course unit)$600
Audit fee (per course unit, except PhD students)$500
     Senior citizen/student spouse audit fee$300
Seminary services fee (non-degree &
continuing ed, per term)


Application fee$40
Late registration fee (courses for credit)$50
Reinstatement fee$40
Affiliation fee$900
     Late affiliation fee $1,000
Vehicle registration fee (per semester)$40 See note (3)
Payment plan application fee$100
Returned check fee$35
Collection agency fee$ 250See note (4)
Health insurance—Mandatory; see note (5)$3,556 See note (5)


Jacobs Studio$6,921 (includes utility surcharge) per year
Apartment monthly rents (not including 6% utility surcharge)See note (6)
     One bedroom$805–$912
     Two bedrooms$912–$1,046
     Three bedrooms$1,234


  1. Graduation fees are assessed in full, regardless of whether students can attend Commencement or own their own regalia.
  2. Seminary services fees are levied on all matriculated students, whether or not they are taking courses that semester, unless the student is on official leave of absence, approved by the Faculty.
  3. Fee applies to all students who bring cars onto campus because of campus residence or participation in courses. Fee accompanies registration of vehicles with Security. Registration grants the privilege to park on campus but does not guarantee a place to park.
  4. Fee applies only to students who have previously been placed in collection, satisfied their indebtedness, and applied for readmission.
  5. Participation in the Health Plan is mandatory at all ELCA seminaries for all students on internship or enrolled more than half-time (for more than 2.5 units in any semester). Students may waive coverage by providing proof of participation in another group coverage plan. Students are strongly encouraged to explore lower-cost options through the healthcare marketplace at
  6. Added to apartment rent will be a 6% surcharge for utilities. Apartments are unfurnished but include refrigerator and range.

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