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Multicultural Mission Resource Center

The Multicultural Mission

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia is a seminary deeply rooted in a long historical and denominational tradition that has opened itself up to innovative theological and missiological possibilities. In terms of race, gender, denomination, and theological pedagogy, a variety of exciting developments and initiatives have caused the seminary to become a leader in dealing with issues that characterize the life and witness of the church in the twenty-first century — a century that is coming to terms with the reality of a new religious America. Some of these initiatives include the Urban Theological Institute, the Metropolitan/Urban Concentration, the Latino Concentration, the Interfaith Concentration, and the Multicultural Mission Resource Center.

The Multicultural Ministry/Mission Concentration

The Multicultural Ministry/Mission Concentration is a program within the MDiv degree program designed to equip persons for ministry in a multicultural congregation and/or locational context. Challenges unique to this program are:

  • the integration of a multicultural way of thinking as an integral part of theological disciplines
  • the fostering of theological education concerned with the practicalities of everyday life.
  • The reinforcement of our conviction that public theology demands that individuals and communities be committed to a life of faithfulness amidst the uncertainties generated by various identity claims in a multicultural context.
  • The ability to discern that issues impact relationships and that multiculturalism generates opportunities to re-think relationships in the public sphere among groups with a variety of histories, legacies and expectations.

Admission to the Concentration

Previous exposure, experience, and engagement in a multicultural situation is desirable but not mandatory. Interested students should meet with the Director of the Multicultural Mission Resource Center as early as possible in their programs. Application for admission to the concentration should be filed with the registrar no later than the January term of the first year for full time students or upon completion of 4.0 course units by part time students.

Requirements of the Concentration

  • two units of field education in a multicultural context or an internship in a multicultural context.
  • a course in World/Global Christianity or in Mission and Cultures
  • a course in Black, African American, Asian or Latino Theology
  • two additional courses selected in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and the Director of the Multicultural Mission Resource Center.

Contact Person

The Rev. Dr. J. Jayakiran Sebastian
H. George Anderson Professor of Mission and Cultures
Director, Multicultural Mission Resource Center
Office: The Brossman Center, rm 321

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