Adjunct and Emeritus Faculty


The Rev. Dr. LeRoy H. Aden

The Rev. Dr. Margaret Kyrch

The Rev. Dr. Gordon W. Lathrop

The Rev. Dr. Robert G. Hughes 


Rev. Dr. Karen Bloomquist, Visiting St. John’ s Professor (spring 2013)

The Church in Society
Living Out a Faith Subversive of Injustice

Dr. Karla Bohmbach (January 2013)

Hebrew Prophets: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Rev. Dr. David Daubert (fall 2012 online)

Always Reforming: A New Look for  Missional Church

Rev. Dr. Richard Jeske, (summer 2013)

The Economy of Faith: Reading St. Paul from the Heart

Rev. Dr. Margaret Krych (January 2013)

PhD Teaching Seminar

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Linman (summer 2013)

Rooted in the Means of Grace: Spirituality for Worship

Rev. Paul Lutz (fall 2012)

Introduction to Christian Education

Rev. Dr. Kevin J. Moroney (fall 2012 and spring 2013)

Introduction to Greek
Anglican Eucharistic Theology and Practice

Rev. Dr. John Nunes (fall 2012 and spring 2013)

Nolde Seminar on Theology and Human Rights

Rev. Dr. James Pollard (fall 2012 and spring 2013)

Introduction to Hebrew
Black Presence in Scripture

Dr. Elaine Ramshaw (spring 2013)

Ritual Care in Times of Transition or Crisis

Dr. Mrinalini Sebastian (fall 2012 and spring 2013)

Postcolonialism and the Church: Orientalism, Occidentalism and Mission
Research Methods 

Dr. Jana Strukova (summer 2013)

Practical Theology for Small Churches: Sustainable Christian Education and Formation

Rev. Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas (summer 2013)

AME Parish Administration

Rev. Dr. Walter Wagner (spring 2013)

First Theologians:  African Guides on the Christian Way

Rev. Dr. Frederick L. Ware (fall 2012)

African-American Theology

Rev. Dr. H. S. Wilson (fall 2012 intensive course October)

Jesus in Cultural Perspective 

Dr. Edward Wimberly, (fall 2012 intensive course October)

Pastoral Care in the African American Tradition