Certificate Program Details

Certificates of Theological Study

Students with accredited undergraduate degrees who desire to take courses at the first theological degree level for credit but do not desire to enter a degree program may choose instead to take a more limited program leading to a Certificate of Theological Study.

The Certificate will be earned after the successful completion of at least 8.0 course units for credit with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0. All courses in the Certificate Program are to be taken at LTSP; that is, no courses will be received by transfer from or cross-registration at other institutions. The particular program of courses will be chosen in consultation with faculty from the student’s area of interest as noted in his/her application. Contact the Admissions Office for more information.

Special Certificates of Study

Additional students may be awarded certificates attesting to completion of other special short programs.  Students in this category may be studying at the behest of an ELCA synod overseeing their preparation for ordination because their MDiv degrees were/will be earned at non-ELCA seminaries.  Others are studying at the behest of an ELCA synod despite not having the educational background normally required for entrance to a degree program. Others, notably some international students, are engaged in study for the enrichment of both the student and the student’s program of study in the home country, even though the study here may not be applicable to a degree elsewhere. If you are curious as to whether you are in any of these categories, contact our Admissions Office.