Admissions Procedures

ELCA TEEM Candidates

Candidates who have been recommended by their synodical bishop and who have also received both a positive entrance decision by their candidacy committee and approval to take part in the program by the ELCA Division for Ministry will 1) arrange for their acceptance into TEEM to be communicated to the seminary by the synod and 2) complete a TEEM Program at LTSP form in order to enroll. 


Those who wish to enroll in the program without being official TEEM candidates will complete an application for admission to LTSP’s certificate program.  On the basis of this information, the admissions committee will decide whether or not to accept the person into the program.

The synod assists the candidate in securing the financial assistance needed to complete this program. The Division for Ministry, other churchwide units, and the seminaries of this church, are resources to the candidate and the candidacy committee during the time of preparation.

ELCA seminaries reserve the right to deny a person admission if the applicant is unable to meet the necessary financial requirements, or if the applicant’s academic qualifications prove to be a major barrier to successful completion of studies

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