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MDiv Co-Operative Model for Admissions

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The Master of Divinity Co-operative Model (Co-op) delivers excellence in education, formation and practical experience. Students graduate in three years with a full Master of Divinity degree, a strong foundation in spiritual formation, and three years of congregational leadership experience. Designed for students who bring exceptional creativity, maturity and a proven track-record of leadership, the Master of Divinity — Co-operative Model alleviates some of the costs incurred in more traditional models of theological education by providing for the student’s tuition, fees and health insurance.

Why Co-op?

  • • Graduate with three years of congregational leadership experience.
  • • Benefit from strong and consistent spiritual direction throughout your program.
  • • Participate in a ground-breaking model of theological education.
  • • Alleviate the debt that most students incur in theological education (co-op covers your tuition, fees, and health insurance costs).
  • • With the gracious support of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans Foundation, the Co-op is the first its kind in the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

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Given my diversified upbringing and experience with several different denominations before (and after!) confirmation, I am drawn to an ELCA Lutheran seminary to deepen my theological roots and understandings.

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Vocation and Discernment

Good News! God is still very active in this world! Through the Holy Spirit, people of faith are called to be followers of Jesus Christ in their various vocations in life, whether they be plumbers or painters, teachers or preachers. All are called to respond to God’s grace, love, and mercy by serving their neighbor’s needs.

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Come and See

Is God calling you to become a leader in the church? Do you feel called to study theology but are not sure what direction to take? Is God calling you to something new? If these questions are your questions, why not "Come and See" The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia (LTSP) and get input from faculty, staff, and current students to help in the discernment process.

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Admissions Policies & Information

The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia offers degrees in The Master of Divinity, The Master of Arts in Religion, The Master of Arts in Public Leadership, The Master of Sacred Theology, and The Doctor of Ministry.

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New Students

We are excited to have you as a part of this community and we pray that your transition into life here at the seminary is a positive one. We do our best to provide you with important information to help make that possible.

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Housing and Campus Life

LTSP offers a variety of housing opportunities for non-commuter students. Full time students can find accommodations in the Wiedemann Center and historic buildings on the periphery of campus.

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Financial Aid

Financing a seminary education involves much more than paying bills. It requires prayerful planning and budgeting, good money and time management skills, and joyful receiving of gifts! This guide describes eligibility and application processes as well as the different kinds of financial aid available.

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Deadlines and Important Dates

A list of important deadlines and days for all LTSP applicants.

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Apply Now

Apply for admission to LTSP online. Click on degree of interest to apply now. There are separate forms and instructions for:

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Admissions FAQ

A brief list of Frequently Asked Questions focusing on Admissions

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Our Mission

"Centered in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia seeks to educate and form public leaders who are committed to developing and nurturing individual believers and communities of faith for engagement in the world."