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New Students

Welcome to The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia!

On behalf of the Enrollment Services staff, we are excited to have you as a part of this community and we pray that this new beginning is a positive experience. In order to assist you in your transition, this page has been designed to provide you with a lot of important information.  Ultimately it is your responsibility to make sure that you are prepared to begin work at the seminary, but we understand that this kind of preparation can be overwhelming at times. We encourage you to check out each of the links in order to get a total picture of the resources available to you as a new student.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us right away.  And again, welcome to LTSP and may you be richly blessed by your time in this community!

Grace and Peace,

The Rev. Heidi Rodrick-Schnaath
Director of Student Services

You’re admitted. And committed. Now what are you supposed to do?

First of all, give the Registrar’s pages another good read. There is a lot of information and when you’re new it can be a lot to absorb. Also, make sure you haven’t missed any of her emails in your mailbox. After that, your first question may be, “Who’s Henry?”

Henry is the seminary’s website used for registration, grade posting, and billing. By now you should have received your Henry ID and password from the IT Department. If you have not received this information, contact You can log in to Henry by going to You should have also received a letter from Student Services telling you the name of your Academic Advisor.  This faculty member will assist you in choosing your courses and will provide you with the PIN number you will need in order to complete your online registration.

The Catalog Registration Supplement includes a section that outlines the classes that categories of students are normally expected to take, along with details about degree requirements. Since the curriculum is meant to be flexible, there is not a set order for taking classes and there are few prerequisites. In other words you don’t need to have completed the course on the Pentateuch in order to take a class on the Prophets. Having said that, we do have suggestions you might want to consider.

Will you find it more helpful to take a Biblical Course and/or theology course prior to taking integrative courses such as Preaching or Christian Education? This is a good question to discuss with your advisor. If you are a part time student we suggest that you consider starting with Introduction to Public Theology or a core course.

If you have questions, please contact the Registrar, Rene Diemer at 215.248.6305 or email her at If Ms. Diemer is unavailable, you can also call Student Services at 215.248.6312.

Health Insurance Information

In the past the ELCA Seminary’s offered a program of student health insurance. This program was discontinued in 2015 because it was no longer cost effective.  With changes to the federal regulations, all US citizens are required to have health coverage. If you need help navigating the insurance marketplace, please contact Student Services or the The Abundant Life Student Advising Center.

Financial Aid Information Especially for New Students

The deadline for the Fall Semester is April 15; accepting until June 30 for new students (preference is given to students who apply early.)  If you need more information, please email

Initial Student Aid Support offers are made by letter to newly admitted students.  Formal electronic award processing happens after commitment by the entering student. In mid-July, Award Letters are put up on our Henry Intranet site for your access, and acceptance or decline is required.

First Steps:

  1. Apply for LTSP Student Aid Assistance and any Federal aid programs using BOTH the LTSP Financial Aid Application AND the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (
  2. If you intend to borrow on the Federal Direct Student Loan program, sign a Master Promissory Note for Graduate Unsubsidized Loans at AND complete Entrance Counseling for Graduate Students at

Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program:

  • Check your award letter to confirm that you have been approved for Federal Work Study.
  • Job listings will be available mid-August and posted on the Enrollment Services Bulletin board in the Mailroom.
  • Obtain a job application (Enrollment Services) and complete for each job sought after. Send the application to the Enrollment Services Office. (Do not send to the job supervisor).
  • We will send your application to the appropriate supervisor.
  • The supervisor will contact you directly if she/he desires an interview.
  • Once hired you will need to pick up a Federal Work Study folder from Enrollment Services.
  • NOTE:  AN AWARD OF FEDERAL WORK STUDY DOES NOT GUARANTEE A WORK STUDY JOB.  We have limited funding for this program and jobs go quickly.  If you are not hired for a Federal Work Study job, other opportunities are presented to the office and we will send out email blasts to all students.

For additional information on Financial Aid: please go to the Financial Aid Page.

Disability Policy

LTSP is committed to providing an environment in which all students have full access to educational opportunities and community life. To provide reasonable and appropriate accommodations to students with either short or long-term disabilities, documented evidence of the disability and of the required accommodation is needed. To begin the accommodation process, students should complete the Disability Self-Identification Form. The Director of Student Services works in collaboration with the student and the faculty to determine specific accommodations.

Computer Requirement

It is required that all students have regular access to appropriately equipped computers; therefore, it is strongly advised that all students purchase computer systems (laptops preferred) and software according to the suggested guidelines found in the Student Handbook. Students may include computer hardware and software expenses in the cost of attendance for purposes of seeking financial aid and/or student loans.

The Bible Studies faculty requires all students to use bible software as part of their studies; either Accordance  or BibleWorks. NO OTHER PROGRAMS ARE ACCEPTABLE FOR GRADUATE LEVEL BIBLICAL STUDIES. Information for ordering at a reduced price will be provided at the start of the fall term.

Student ID

All students are required to have a student photo ID. Enrollment Services will send an email at the beginning of each semester with information on having your ID photo taken. If you have questions, please contact Student Services.


Students who intend to park on campus need to register their vehicles with the Security Department. Please complete the Vehicle Registration Form and return it to the main security desk in The Brossman Center upon your arrival. The vehicle registration fee of $40 will be charged to your student account each semester.

Mail Box

All students are assigned a campus mailbox by which to receive campus communications and returned course papers. Please check with the mailroom for your mailbox number and key. The mailroom is on the first floor of the Brossman Center. If you are a part-time or evening student, you may need to make arrangements to receive your mailbox assignment and key.

Email Accounts, Moodle Accounts, Henry Student Web Portal

All students will be assigned and are required to use an LTSP email account. Your email address and password information will be emailed to you once your Acceptance and Commitment Letter is received. Important information from faculty and administrative offices is sent to this address, and you are responsible for all communications sent to your email address. Your email and password will also give you access to the Henry system (student account information) and to the Moodle course management system.

Note that your professor determines when to open the Moodle site for any individual course. You will receive an email notification when a course site is open in Moodle – you do not need to check with the help desk if you do not see a course you are enrolled in on your Moodle list. Also, drop/add changes take several days after you have submitted a drop/add to the Registrar before they are reflected in Moodle.

You will find more information about LTSP email, Henry, Moodle, and other computing issues on the Information Systems Web pages. Please contact the Help Desk – (log in using your LTSP email username/password) or email – if you need assistance accessing your email account, Moodle (course / class information), or the Henry system.

Student Handbook  

The Student Handbook is available here.  Please download a copy and keep it with your records.  student_handbook 2015

Campus Life Information

For questions regarding Campus Life Information, your best resource is the LTSP 101 Facebook page.


A variety of worship opportunities are available throughout the week. Worship schedules may be found on the Shaeffer-Ashmead Chapel portion of our website.

Other Ways You Can Prepare for Seminary

  • Review your English grammar. If you’ve been out of the classroom for a while or if you are taking a language in the coming semester, reviewing your grammar skills can be especially useful.
  • Brush up on your writing skills. Being able to write a clear and critical paragraph is an important skill for seminary. We suggest reading The Seminary Student Writes by Deborah Core, published by Chalic Press. Also helpful for correctly making citations is A Manual for Style by Kate Turabian, the 8th edition.
  • Make sure your denomination and congregation know you are going to seminary. If you have not already contacted your denominational offices and your home congregation, now is the time to do so. First, they can support you in a variety of ways including prayer and good wishes. Second, if you are seeking ordination there will be processes to complete with denomination.
  • Read Scripture. The Biblical instructors at LTSP have chosen The New Revised Standard Version to be used in classes. The Harper Collins Study Bible is a solid choice for an NRSV annotated Bible.
  • Spend time in prayer and worship.
  • Engage in conversation about vocation and discernment with those who are or have been in seminary or those who have been mentors to you.
  • Take time to do the things you enjoy. Visit with family and friends. If there is an opportunity to take a retreat or vacation, pursue it! Read for fun. Go to the movies. Relax a little before you begin this new adventure.
  • When applicable, begin to make arrangements for your new schedule: moving, change of address, car insurance/ registration, childcare, etc.


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