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Rev. Nate Preisinger, Director of Admissions, briefly talks about why LTSP is a great place for theological education:

Current Students share their reasons from enrolling at LTSP:

Student and Faculty Testimonials: 

“I was fascinated by the ecumenical faculty and student body — I wanted to have theological and practical conversations about the similarities and differences between our denominations. I was excited to become a part of an urban community again, and to complete my field education in a diverse, engaged, urban congregation. Finally, LTSP’s dedication to public theology — to the church being an active part of a wider community, speaking and acting a theology of grace and love in a wider, more complicated world — captivated me. I wanted to learn from professors who applied their theology in this way, as well as peers coming together from many different backgrounds to learn and to proclaim the gospel.”

Lauren Heywood
MDiv Middler

“I chose LTSP because of the Co-Op program and its unique opportunity to go to classes while working full-time in a parish. This opportunity has allowed me to immediately put what I learn in the classroom into practice in real congregational situations and settings. I am so fortunate to have this experience and feel that the Co-Op program has equipped me with many skills that I would not have learned in another program.”

Micah Diemer
MDiv Co-op student

“I looked at LTSP purely for the MAPL program. I didn’t think seminary was a place where I belonged, but the MAPL program seemed to fit all my passions. It provided a program where I can combine faith-based work, focusing on working in the name of a loving, compassionate, and accepting faith, and social justice work. The MAPL program provides faith-based classes at LTSP as well as secular classes by attending Temple University. The ability to have several faith-based field education opportunities to explore my passions was another draw. By participating in two different sites, I’ve really been able to find my passion in terms of social justice issues and broaden my horizons in my knowledge of many issues, both secular and in the faith-based world. Although MAPL is what drew me to LTSP, the feeling I got when I entered campus solidified my decision to attend the school. Faith has always been important to me. When my family joined my home church when I was 10, I found a feeling of love and belonging, a feeling of home. When I visited LTSP I found the same feeling. I found home.”

Kristen Kelly
MAPL student

“Because LTSP is a community that said ‘yes’ to you and to your spiritual and ministry journey. LTSP said ‘yes’ to who you are and strives to help you become all that God calls you to become. LTSP said ‘yes’ to you and your family and makes a place where you all can thrive as you learn and grow. LTSP said ‘yes’ to your questions and creates a safe place to figure out what you believe. LTSP said ‘yes’ to your goals in ministry and endeavors to prepare you for the ministry you are called to engage. LTSP said ‘yes’ to the diversity of who you are – full-time, part-time, evening, single, married, partnered, MDiv, MAR, MAPL, STM, or PhD. LTSP said ‘yes’ to your hopes and dreams of what ministry might look like in the future. LTSP said ‘yes’ to you and invites you to say ‘yes’ in return. You journey can begin as soon as you say ‘yes.'”

The Rev. Dr. Karyn L. Wiseman
Associate Dean for First Theological Degrees; Associate Professor of Homiletics

“LTSP is a warm and vibrant place where you are welcome; your questions are welcome; where your gifts are celebrated and affirmed; where worship, teaching, mission and ministry are all interlinked in the preparation and training of public leaders for a public church. Here you will find the resources to explore your faith with sensitivity and courage; with commitment and openness. Here insensitive alienation and Indifferent accommodation will be interrogated by Informed acceptance. Come and See!”

The Rev. Dr. J. Jayakirn Sebastian
Dean of the Seminary

“As I was preparing for graduate school there were a few important characteristics I was looking for — first, I wanted to attend a Lutheran school that was strong in social justice. In order to pursue the advocacy/policy work in which I was interested, it also needed to be urban. When I discovered the Master of Arts in Public Leadership (MAPL) program I was impressed. It offered hands-on justice work experience through field placements while being grounded in theology and social work. This degree will equip me to serve the church in a different way than my MDiv colleagues — being in the field, advocating for helpful policies that affect all people of faith.”

Emma Wagner
MAPL student

“Because we are deeply rooted in the Christian tradition, strong in commitment to Church life, and serious in pursuing cross-denominational and cross-cultural diversity. Personally, this place has been all of these and more for me: a home, as a student, alumni, and member of the faculty. We want to become that home for everyone with a call to serve Christ and others, to ministry and mission, for those called to lead in myriad ways. Where else can you be enriched by relationships so varied and with such human touch and Christian quality? Here the possibilities for growth in theological knowledge, faith commitment, and personal maturity are aplenty.”

The Rev. Dr. Nelson Rivera
Associate Professor, Systematic Theology and Hispanic Ministry; Director, Latino Concentration

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