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Constitution and Bylaws of the LTSP Alumni Association


Article I: The name of this organization shall be the Alumni Association of The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.

Article II: The purpose of this association shall be to promote the welfare of the seminary, promote financial support, to keep alive an interest in the seminary on the part of the alumni, to foster the area of continuing education among the alumni, and to serve as a liaison between the seminary administration and the alumni constituency.

Article III: The membership of the association shall consist of two categories: active and honorary.

Section 1. Active members shall be those who have graduated or who have engaged in the post-graduate study at the seminary.

Section 2.  Honorary members may be elected by a two-thirds vote of the alumni association board.

Article IV: The officers of this association shall be president, vice president, and secretary.

Section 1. The vice president shall act in the absence of the President of the Association. In case of the death or resignation of the president, the vice president shall carry out the responsibilities of the president for the remainder of the term.

Section 2.  Vacancies in the other elected offices shall be filled by the appointment of the president for the unexpired term.

Section 3. The President shall serve as the ex officio representative to the seminary board of trustees.

Section 4. These officers shall be elected by the association for a term of three years each to serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Article V: The officers, along with fourteen members of the association, shall comprise the Board.

Section 1. The Urban Theological Institute alumni and the Episcopalian alumni chapters (as specified in the bylaws) shall each appoint or elect one representative to the Board.

Section 2. The President of the seminary and/or a person designated by the president shall serve ex officio.

Section 3. The twelve at-large members shall be elected for terms of three years each. Each year the association shall elect four of the twelve at-large members.

Article VI: All amendments to the constitution shall be presented in writing, and may be offered at any regular meeting of the association but may not be voted on until the next regular meeting, at which time a two-thirds vote of those present shall be necessary to effect the proposed changes.



1. The annual meeting of the association shall be held on a date determined by the board in consultation with the seminary administration. Notice of such meeting shall be given to the constituency in writing at least forty-five days prior to that meeting. Special meetings may be called by the president, upon request of the association board, or upon a petition signed by ten active members in good standing. Fifteen members shall constitute a quorum.

2. The alumni association’s board shall nominate qualified persons to the board, assuring it is represented by the racial, gender and geographic diversity of the association’s membership. When possible, the board shall nominate more candidates for election as at-large members than there are vacancies. The ballot shall be conducted by mail, and the election shall be announced at the annual meeting.

a. A representative of the graduates of the Urban Theological Institute (UTI) shall be given voice and vote on the alumni association board. The UTI alumni at a meeting or in conjunction with the Convocation shall elect this representative to a three-year term.

b. A representative of the Episcopalian chapter of the alumni association shall be given voice and vote on the alumni association board. The chapter, at a meeting or in conjunction with the spring convocation, shall elect this representative to a three-year term.

3.  Among other duties, the Board shall be responsible for:

a. Meeting regularly

b. Planning for Spring Convocation

c. Securing from its members nominees for the Distinguished Alumni Award and for choosing from the nominees the person to be so honored.

d. Appointing members of the association to membership of the seminary boards and committees as requested by the LTSP board. The members shall be expected to attend and to report to the alumni board meetings as requested.

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