Application for Admission - Advanced-Level Degrees (Graduate School)

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Contact Information
(First, Middle, Last)
If you answer no to this question, please contact the LTSP Admissions office at or 215-248-7302 for additional information and an International Student Application.
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Graduate Degree major or focus
(General Studies applicants need not complete this section)
Master of Sacred Theology (STM)
In this program, half of the courses must focus on a major academic field, such as Bible, Church History, Theology, Christian Education, Worship, Lutheran Studies, Homiletics, etc.

Students will choose one of the following Majors:

Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
In this program, at least two courses and the final project must focus on an area of ministry, such as preaching, worship, pastoral care, education, spirituality, outreach, etc.

The DMin student must choose a focus within a field of ministry or an area of concentration.

Note: Full-time campus housing is only available to full-time students. Those needing temporary accommodations for intensive courses or for long-distance commuting may request those when registering for courses.

List colleges / universities / seminaries attended with dates and degrees. Have the registrars of each of the institutions listed below send official transcripts to the admissions office.

If yes, please discuss in your statement of ministry.
Church Affiliation
Members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
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Statement of Ministry

Prepare a 600- to 800-word "Statement of Ministry." Attach the File below.  (Please be sure the file is saved in either a .txt, .doc, .rtf, or .pdf format before attaching it)  The file name should include your name i.e. - Ministry statement for John Smith)

Please use the following outline:

  1. A description of your present context of ministry.
  2. An assessment of present strengths and areas for growth in ministry.
  3. A description of your professional goals in ministry. (Please be as specific as possible about the disciplines or skills you hope to engage and develop.)
  4. An explanation of major (STM) or focus (DMin) which you might pursue in your graduate study and how it might relate to an STM thesis (if thesis track) or a DMin project.
  5. Please indicate if you have any health concerns that may affect your ability to study or of which the seminary should be apprised.

 Your file name must include your name i.e. "statement of ministry for John Smith"


Below, list the names and information for three persons who will provide references for you. After completing your portion of the reference forms, please give each the appropriate form to be completed and submitted directly to the seminary.

Reference # 1
Dean/Professor from an academic setting who is acquainted with your academic abilities (if it has been some time since your previous academic work, choose someone who can vouch for your ability to do advanced degree work): Get this reference form in Adobe Acrobat format.
(Include Area Code)
Reference # 2
A person from your church council/official board or a professional peer: Get this reference form in Adobe Acrobat format.
(Include Area Code)
Reference # 3
Your bishop or ecclesiastical superior: Get this reference form in Adobe Acrobat format.
(Include Area Code)
  • You may be asked to have a personal interview with the Admissions Committee.
  • In addition to the information you have provided, the Seminary reserves the right to solicit information from anyone who is in a position to evaluate your qualifications.