The Archives Advocate


The Archives Advocate is the publication of The Lutheran Archives Center at Philadelphia. Click a link below to download/view an issue of the Advocate in pdf format.


AA2011-Pentecost (Vol2 No11)1.66 MB
aa2010-advent (Vol2 No10)514.2 KB
aa2010-easter (Vol2 No9)771.73 KB
aa2009-advent (Vol2 No8)1.26 MB
AA2009-Easter (Vol2 No7)776.55 KB
AA2008-Advent (Vol2 No6)971.52 KB
AA2008-Easter (Vol2 No5)591.37 KB
AA2007-Thanksgiving (Vol2 No4)639.57 KB
AA2007-Easter (Vol2 No3)964.57 KB
AA2006-Advent (Vol2 No2)678.6 KB
AA2006-Easter (Vol2 No1)742.65 KB
AA2005-Advent (Vol1 No13)514.18 KB
AA2005-Easter (Vol1 No12)437.79 KB
AA2004-AllSaints (Vol1 No11)294.13 KB
AA2004-Easter (Vol1 No10)585.2 KB
AA2003-AllSaints (Vol1 No9)2 MB
AA2003-Easter (Vol1 No8)472.76 KB
AA2002-Thanksgiving (Vol1 No7)374.21 KB
AA2002-Easter (Vol1 No6)431.43 KB
AA2001-Advent (Vol1 No5)1.14 MB
AA2001-Easter (Vol1 No4)746.02 KB
AA2000-Pentecost (Vol1 No3)922.09 KB
AA1999-Advent (Vol1 No2)533.39 KB
AA1999-Fall (Vol1 No1)408.06 KB