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The experience of auditing courses "has been a real awakening and given my life new focus. It's satisfied my yearning for new knowledge and made me eager for more learning opportunities. I can't imagine what my life would be like without these classes. I'm so thankful the seminary has given me the opportunity."

-- A retiree who has audited 10 courses at the seminary in recent years

So you've been walking with God for some time now, and you're thirsting for a deeper knowledge of your Christian faith.

Did you know that one affordable way to grow your knowledge is by auditing courses at The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia? Study during the day, evening, even on a Saturday. There are a host of options. Consider these!

  • "Thinking About God?" is an introductory course on theology with a discussion of how our faith offers a perspective that equips us to consider and deal with contemporary challenges.
  • Or, what about "Wealth, Poverty and the Church?"
  • Want a deeper understanding of the Bible? "Healing and Miracle in New Testament Times" is one option.

The seminary also offers a number of courses in Bible, Church History, Theology and Christian Education that may be of interest. This is just a sampling of the options available to you in the Fall of 2008 and beyond. The tuition charge for course auditing is $500 for a one-unit class, $250 for a one-half unit class. If you are 60 or older, the audit fee gets reduced by one-half. Bring a friend so you can carry on conversations before and after class. The seminary enjoys a lively community of regular auditors now. Why not join in?

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