Beautiful Tirana

Slept great on the plane, and safely arrived in beautiful Tirana, Albania, about 11AM.  Tirana is located in a valley surrounded by the Dajti Mountains (described by one resident as "the end of the Alps,"  Tirana is a booming city--with construction everywhere, including in historic Skanderbeg Square. This afternoon, I visited two schools associated with the Hizmet movement. The first, Epoka University, can be found here:  It's on the outskirts of Tirana near the airport.  While at Epoka, I visited with the Provost, Prof. Dr. Hasan Kaplan, who explained the curriculum, which focuses on business or engineering.  About 600 students are enrolled.  Then, I visited Memorial International School of Tirana, here: It's a PK-12 school, with an international staff (including a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma!)  70% of the teachers are women.  The facilities rival any in the U.S. for technological capacity (the school is in the old Communist Party School in downtown Tirana!)  I wrapped up the afternoon with a little sun outside by the pool (I'm reading Charles Tayler, A Secular Age), a brief sauna, a few laps in the pool--and now on to dinner! 



Glad you made it safely

Hey dad,


Glad you made the first leg safely! It looks beautiful there. Just finished working ten hours, much of it in the snow. Hope the weather is nicer there, and look forward to following your journey.


- Justin