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Discounted ordering window is now Closed


The Bible Studies faculty will be requiring all students to use Bible software as part of their biblical studies. Two software packages Accordance and BibleWorks will be supported by LTSP and we are able to offer special pricing for those packages. NO OTHER PROGRAMS ARE ACCEPTABLE FOR GRADUATE LEVEL BIBLICAL STUDIES. LTSP has arranged to purchase this software so that you are receiving a group discount. Therefore, unless the software package is defective, ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL WHEN THE ORDER IS PLACED, so be sure you are ordering the correct software package for your computer. The group ordering period will close on August 26, 2013 at 4:30pm.

Students enrolled in BBL100, Software Supported Exegesis are required to purchase Accordance and will need their software for the first day of class as it is the primary teaching and learning media. The software is downloadable so you will receive it prior to Wednesday, August 28th.

Students enrolled in BBL110 and BBL111, Biblical Hebrew with Dr. Wil Gafney are strongly encouraged to purchase Accordance as that is the software that she will be teaching from. 

Students enrolled in BBL120 and BBL121, Biblical Greek may purchase either BibleWorks or Accordance. 

 Both software programs are available in versions for Windows and Macintosh computers. BibleWorks 9 is an all-in-one edition with a discounted price of $259.  Accordance 10.2 users will be receiving the “Original Languages” package with a student price of $150. Mac users are strongly encouraged to purchase Accordance as it seems to run more effectively on that platform.  For more information on the two programs go to or Older versions of these programs are acceptable but we encourage students to upgrade to the current editions. No substitutes will be accepted. The LTSP helpdesk provides limited support for both programs.