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Creating a World According to Micah 6:8

Creating a WorldWhen I was growing up – I learned a passage from Micah from my grandfather. The passage has been important to me ever since then. This passage is the core of my faith. I recite it often. I used it as the basis of my final Credo Paper for my Master of Divinity degree at Saint Paul School of Theology.

Saying Goodbye to Granny P

Granny P

I am traveling with my family this week to the funeral of my son's great grandmother, Granny P.  She was 93 when she passed away and had been in an assisted living facility for some years due to Alzheimer's Disease.  The last few times we visited she did not really respond to us, but my son was convinced she smiled at him.

A Lesson in Public Theology

The recent political discourse in which some politicians are seeking to modify the publuc square by imposing their religious values on on society led me to reflect on the ways in which Christian faith informed the Civil Rights Movement. My reflection on the two very different appeals to religion in the public square can be found here.

Surviving the Storm ...

Hymnal from a church destroyed by a tornadoThe image to the right is of a hymnal from a United Methodist Church destroyed in a tornado on February 29, 2012 in Harveyville, Kansas. The hymnal survived.  It was found in the midst of absolute ruin.  It was beaten and battered – but it survived.

When Will It End?

Stop Gun ViolenceToday I awoke like everyone else to hear about another school shooting. This one was in Chardon, Ohio where two students died and three others were injured by a classmate who opened fire in the school cafeteria. It has been an all too common thread in our society – mass shootings at school, in church, at home, and in the workplace.