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New Shoes and No Bullying

No Bully ZoneSchool starts next week in Philadelphia and my family has made the usually trek to buy school supplies. We got 14 (yes, 14) composition books, glue sticks, crayons, markers, protractor, pencil box, book covers, folders, and pens/pencils. We send our son to a school that requires school uniforms so we also bought the required shirts, shorts and gym uniforms.

Mother Nature

Mother Nature!I remember seeing the Chiffon margarine commercial growing up where Mother Nature gets angry that this new invention is not real butter and causes a storm. She exclaims, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature!" She actually kinda scared me some. This week the East Coast has experienced the biggest earthquake in history and as I sit here typing we are waiting for Hurricane Irene to get to us in Philadelphia. Many wonder ...

Why Does My Technology Hate Me?

Technology!I am on my 4th Kindle since Christmas 2010. Some have crashed on their own and one because I dropped it. And so I sat waiting as each one was shipped out by Amazon to me one by one. My smartphone has been replaced at least once. And it always required some sort of wait until the new one arrived. My Plasma TV went out last month and since it was barely out of warranty, Samsung replaced it for a small exchange fee.

Civility is Hard But Necessary!

Arguing Couple I am part of several Facebook discussion groups, follow a number of blogs, and read a lot of political and religious websites on a daily basis. And one thing I have gotten extremely tired of lately is the lack of civility.  Folks on several of the Facebook discussion groups I am part of ask questions and then blast anyone who differs from their opinion.

Home Sweet Home!

I just returned from a 10 day vacation with my family. It was amazing, fun and restful. (I actually shared some of my trip in earlier posts.) We spent time with friends in Ohio then spent some adult time in Chicago. It was a blessing and a treat. We drove 1840 miles and visited 5 states. I know some people would consider being in a car with their family for 1840 miles in 10 days to be a nightmare – but we had a blast.