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Fears, Smears!!

Ferris Wheel!Many of us have fears. They are more common than most people believe. Common ones include: fear of flying, fear of speaking in public, fear of heights, fear of dark, fear of intimacy, fear of death, fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of spiders, fear of flying, fear of water, fear of dogs, etc. The list goes on and on.

Learning at a Distance: Where is it all going?

This fall LTSP begins offering courses at a distance in a collaborative effort with Lancaster Theological Seminary to give students - and potential seminarians - the opportunity to begin their seminary education at a distance rather than having to relocate to a seminary campus. (There's still time to register - learn more at This comes to mind as I reflect on the conference I attended last week sponsored by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, its 29th annual.

Joseph and Family Values

My commentary on Genesis 45:1-15 for
The story of Joseph's reunion with his brothers is among the most tender in the scriptures.

His own brothers hated him, (Genesis 37:4), and kidnapped him, (Genesis 37:23). They had even planned to murder him, (Genesis 37: 18ff). They "settled" for selling him into slavery, (Genesis 37:28), a possible if not likely death sentence.

Elijah, You're Fired!

My commentary on 1 Kings 19:9-18 for
Elijah has had a good run, literally and figuratively.

He has decimated Queen Jezebel's religious community by personally executing her four hundred prophets of Baal in 1 Kings 18:40. That he neither executed nor challenged her four hundred and fifty prophets of Asherah, (see verse 19ff), points to a broader acceptance of the Asherah tradition.

Family Road Trip Time

Road Trip GraphicOne line I never thought I would hear in my own car: “Mom, turn your music down!” This line was from my pre-teen son yesterday. We were driving west on the turnpike through Pennsylvania for our family vacation (heading to Ohio and Chicago) and Shelby decided our music was interfering with him listening to his own music.

Family is Messy!

I got a call from my niece this morning to tell me something I posted on Facebook meant something other than what I understood it to mean. It was something I did not know – but she sure did. And she was calling to rescue me from my stunning cultural ignorance.

Preaching for Connection

PreachingI was talking with a colleague from my church this week and the topic of preaching came up in our conversation. The topic more specifically was whether or not preaching without notes was favorable to preaching with a manuscript. Since I am a preaching professor who encourages the use of minimal notes or an outline, my opinion was pretty clear.

Suck It Up and Lead!

Leadership DefinitionI remember when I was first elected to office – it was for a youth group office in our local church. I was excited to be elected as a “leader” and was ready to “lead” the youth. I was pumped. My job though was the Treasurer and the Youth Leader was the one who really had the power to spend money for the group. I was a leader with no real power. I was a leader with no real job It kind of frustrated me.