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Whiny Does Not Work!

100 plus degrees I admit it – I am a bit whiny today. It is 103 degrees with a heat index of 116 in Philly right now. I used to live in Texas and it got HOT there. But here there is so much more humidity and no central air conditioning so I am whiny today. I have worked inside all day near my window unit air conditioner. It is still not very cool. So I am whiny.

The Güzel but Zor Turkish Language

From Istanbul. . . .

In 1880, Mark Twain published an essay destined to be famous. “The Awful German Language,” in A Tramp Abroad, lampooned the difficulty Twain experienced learning German. It is very funny. I remember laughing out loud to the point of tears the first time I read it, at Regenstein Library of The University of Chicago.

Walking to End Gun Violence

Stop sign with bullet holesOne thing that is very important to me is being an active participant in my community. Another thing that is important to me is setting an example of social justice involvement for my son. One last thing that is essential to me as a person is working to end gun violence in our society.

My YaYa Seatmate

YaYaI was flying home this weekend from a Wabash Institute Pre-Tenure Seminary Faculty Consultation in Indianapolis and wanted nothing more than to take a nap for the almost 2 hour flight. I was tired after a late night karaoke party on the patio with the other participants and staff. When I boarded the plane I noticed a smiling elderly woman in the seat next to mine. I told her I needed to take my seat and then settled in for the flight.

I Needed a Timeout!

Time Out!I have had three careers over the course of my life. I taught High School History and Government for 9 years, pastored churches for fourteen years as a United Methodist clergyperson, and have been a seminary professor for four years teaching Preaching and Worship, Ministry Formation and UM courses (among others). In that time I have obviously felt called to move from one place and profession to another.

Growing Up With my Kid!

TeenagersToday I walked my 12 year old son, Shelby, to the gate for his first solo flight. He is off to Arlington, Texas to spend the week with my sister and brother-in-law (and my parents for part of the week). He is so excited about the time with them and about heading off on his own. I, on the other hand, am feeling a bit sad. Not sad because he is going off on an adventure and I will miss him.

22,000 Caylee Anthonys a Day

Porch LightThis week has been an odd one for news junkies. I like staying up to date on politics and the world, but this week news outlets have been full of Casey Anthony updates – Breaking News Flashes and in-depth analysis. (Several talking-heads seemed about ready for their heads to explode the day the verdict came down. ) The news of her acquittal of murder and child abuse charges sent shock waves in many circles.

My Country’s Better than Your Country! Really?

The Statue of Liberty and fireworksIt is 4th of July weekend and I have been hearing once again the alarming cries of how great our country is, how free we are, and how our country is the best in the world. In many ways this holiday is one I have issues with (not the only one peeps). Yes, we live in an amazing place with astounding opportunities that are not available to others around the globe.

Flying with the Goose

I just returned from The Wild Goose Festival at Shakori Hills, NC. It was an amazing experience. I am still pondering and processing all that I saw and heard. It was a fusion of justice and Jesus! It was a place where anyone and everyone was invited to walk together in faith.