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American Muslim Communities Responding to the Violence in Kenya and Pakistan

In light of the terrible violence over the last weekend in both Pakistan and Kenya, committed by the Talban and al-Shibab, two Islamic Radicalist groups (of different ethnic and nationalist agendas); I visited some of the websites of American Islamic organizations to see their responses. I have taken the liberty of posting a few links below of several American Muslim communities.

Reflecting on Muslim Scholars and Jesus

I have often stated that one of the best ways for Christians, especially seminarians, to explore and better understand the doctrinal controversies of the Christian faith is to study Islam. In my experience, most students' eyes roll when faced with being forced to read 100 pages about the Trinitarian and Christological controviersies of the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries. Yet, while such issues may be considered arcane by 21st century American society (and students), they are still very relevant when it comes to the Christian-Muslim encounter.

Reflecting on Ramadan on a hot night in a Pennsylvania Town

It’s the Holy Month of Ramadan, a month of fasting for Muslims.  This month commemorates when God revealed the first Revelation to Muhammad in 610 CE. It is also intended to be a daily reminder to Muslims to be in solidarity with those who hunger or thirst. The daily hunger pains and cracked lips, especially during the long hot days of the summer, certainly are a spiritual and physical challenge.  But, like most religious holidays, it is also about gathering in community.