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End of Semester Sermon 13 May 2009

The full text is attached... There are many who view lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and those in the process of having their gender surgically altered as outsiders from the fold of God and society at large. Those who are born with an indeterminate gender or who have been injured - burn patients often loose all of their extremities including their genitalia - quadriplegics, paraplegics and infertile women and couples can also feel like sexual and social outsiders.

Jesus and Bathsheba

(For those who have asked, the text of my sermon from 26 July is attached as a .pdf.) Here's an introduction:It’s good to be king. But Jesus didn’t want to be king. He knew that there was nothing romantic about being king; the monarchy in the Ancient Near East was not a Disney fairy tale. Many monarchs, kings, some queens and pharaohs – male and female – were bloodthirsty, power-hungry, egomaniacal and rapacious. There was no concept of a

Welcome to Seminary: What Now?

Breathe. Again. Repeat as necessary.

Each of you has a journey and a story to go with it. Your journies and stories have merged with ours and are writing new stories of our journey together. 

Seminary is a rewarding, challenging, deeply fulfilling place, space and experience. The faculty, students, staff and administration of LTSP bid you welcome in peace. We pray your time with us will be a blessing.