Certificate Programs

UTI Certificate ClassIf you are interested in theological education but are not eligible or do not desire to complete one of LTSP's degree programs, you may wish to take a limited number of courses toward a certificate. Certificate studies are avalable at the post-MDiv level, at the MDiv level, and at the baccalaureate (non-credit) level.

If you have already earned an MDiv or other theological master's degree, you are invited to seek an Advanced Graduate Certificate by completing eight advanced-level courses (suffixed "G"). You must be formally admitted to this program (contact the Admissions Office), but you may, if you wish, "test the waters" by completing up to two courses as a non-degree student before applying for admission.

If you have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university, you may pursue a Certificate of Theological Study by completing eight units of MDiv-level courses (courses at the 400 level or lower). While you can complete up to six units as a nondegree student before applying for admission, you must be formally admitted as a Special Student to continue toward earning a Certificate. Applications are available from the Admissions Office. The courses you take are largely up to you, depending on your personal interests and vocational goals.

Prof. Nelson RiveraAdmission to the Advanced Graduate Certificate or first theological Certificate Program is in no way an indicator of future admission to any degree program. Students in these certificate programs are not eligible for financial aid, except in the cases of full-time ELCA students meeting requirements for TEEM candidacy and international students admitted through specific ELCA or exchange programs. In most cases, international students, other than those just noted, cannot be granted visas for participation in this program. 

Students who have not earned bachelor's degrees may wish to pursue theological studies through non-credit courses offered on Saturdays by the Urban Theological Institute. Two separate courses of study are available, one leading to a Certificate in Church Leadership and one leading to a Certificate in Christian Ministry. Click here for more details.