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Class Notes – Spring 2017

The Rev. Melvin Hammer (MDiv 1964) | Retired

“I have been serving for nearly three years as the academic mentor for a second-career student working toward ordination through the TEEM program of Pacific Lutheran Seminary in Berkeley, California. This has allowed me not only to review and renew my own seminary education but also to pass on my over fifty years of experience.”

Shishmaref, AlaskaThe Rev. Thomas Richter (MDiv 2013) | Pastor, Shishmaref Lutheran Church, Shismaref, Alaska

Shishmaref Lutheran Church has been much in the news due to climate change that threatens the village and church. You will find information and reflections on Pr. Richter’s blog, Muse Repast, starting here.

Pr. Richter was recently interviewed by Living Lutheran writer Cindy Shuken for the story “Shishmaref: Called to Care” in the magazine’s March 2017 issue.

Articles about Shishmaref have also appeared in CNN here. A search on Google will find older stories in the NY Times and from NPR.

The Rev. Carl W. Ames (MDiv 1992) | Pastor Christ the King, Huntington, West Virginia

My son Devin is a sophomore at St. Olaf in his second year of ancient Greek and feels all seminarians should take at least two years. He is doing a third year next year along with Latin! He thinks it is great fun!

As The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia closes its final year before becoming part of the new United Lutheran Seminary, we could like to share your memories as well as your ministry stories in the remaining issues of PS Portions. Please share using our online form here.

One thought on “Class Notes – Spring 2017

  1. Rev. Bob Meschke ('63) says:

    So many memories. The one that jumped into my mind was waking up on a snowy morning in my room on the 3rd floor of North Dorm to see John Kaufmann out my window shoveling out the gutters of our Mansard roof. One of a kind!

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